Why Mobile is Important for the Travel Industry :

From the exciting beaches valley to eye-catching waterfalls, from guest houses to 7 star hotels, from bus to flights, travelers are frequent. Every traveler is companied with even one mobile that he can use to book tickets or reserve hotel rooms or to find information on destination of his interest on-the-go.

Whatever the size of the travel agency or company, a proper usage of mobile technology is bringing considerable profit to their business. How mobile technology can be a revenue generator for travel companies? Here is the perfect answer for this question:

Why Mobile is Important for the Travel Industry

Mobile as a Travel Guide:
Since mobile devices are easy to bring device, people use mobile to gather information on travel destinations who want to visit. They check places of interest, transportation facility, best time to visit, food and culture of the area. These activities lead them to buy travel package at where they found information. If your travel site is compatible for mobile devices, it will be easy for your potential customers to gather information and buy packages.

Hotel Booking Tool:
When comes to hotel booking, mobile devices are the best option for people. Why? Example, Someone is out of the home during the night time, he can’t reach his residence because of rain or any other circumstance, he might go for mobile to book hotel room. This is the simplest example about the importance of mobile for people and travel industry. Travel companies can make use the most of mobile technology to increase customer experience and sales.

Book Flights Wherever, Whenever:
Around 65% of 50 major airlines in the world provide mobile boarding pass facility for their customers. If you have mobile boarding pass, printout of boarding pass is not required. However, flight booking through mobile has already delivered other great benefits for airlines. Instant booking of travel packages, bus tickets and cabs are other major advantages travel companies can utilize.

Travel Apps:
Why mobile apps are very important for travel companies?

Generally, travelers are highly enthusiastic people, they want to visit new sites, discover new things and gather more information. They always stay online and look for information and special travel packages to interesting destinations. If your website is search engine optimized, they may find you, if not, they will find your competitors first. How can you only be the first option for your customers?

A Mobile App can be a right answer for the above question. How mobile app can help to enhance travel companies’ revenue? There are many ways to find new customers and retain the attention of existing customers by mobile app. Whether that is giant travel company or small tour operator, they can get list of benefits from mobile apps. Just see below points:

  • As a travel app owner, you can notify your customers regarding special packages and special events in travel destinations. On first look, they mayn’t get interest, but they will surely get interest when you notify them constantly with attractive content.
  • It is witnessed fact that most travelers use apps for last minute deals because that is utmost of importance. If you don’t have apps for your customer, he may search online and buy package from your competitors.
  • If your mobile app is informative such as information about travel destinations, local restaurants, subway maps and emergency contacts, customers trust your information and service more comparing your competitors. It gradually influences them to purchase bigger packages from you.

For highly interactive travel app, it is always better consulting mobile app developers who has experience in your domain and can understand your requirement better.

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