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FuGenX Approach to Mobile App Development

We shape up your idea into a Revolutionary App

Unlike others, we don’t jump-start mobile app development which doesn’t offer any value.

First Phase

We Work hand-in-hand with Clients:

It all starts with an idea and a vision. And if you have one too, you are halfway down the road of success. But then to make something of it, you need expert advisory and a solid approach. We have a team of strategists and projects managers to screen your ideas and requirement, and come up with the much-needed clarity and recommendations to define use cases and niche market, understand dependencies of project, and draft challenges with weaknesses for the most efficient and effective app development strategy. To make sure what we build flourishes in the client’s niche market, we practice data-driven techniques in competitor landscape analysis to determine the competitive edge and develop an app with intuitive UI.

First Phase Includes

  • Personalized and UI-friendly concept designing
  • Content Research
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Security Modelling
Second Phase:

User-Friendly UX and UI Design

We know it is challenging to add a friendly UX design app to sales arsenal.

With a team of seasoned UX designers, we offer a splendid user experience that is captivating, with a clear sense of visual communication beneath the layers. We ensure we keep the confusion to bare minimum, and forge something that is user-friendly at the same time. Our design team makes sure your app has all the critical UX factors facilitating seamless flow between sections for friendly scrolling experience. Depending on the niche, we embed the forms, links, navigation and pages on the spot for a great user experience.

Before the final go, we build wireframes and integrate them into prototypes that are then tested by a batch of users. The results gleaned from the process are tapped by the team, which takes us to the third phase.

Third & Final Phase

Development and Launch the App to Kick-Start Business Traction

During the requirement analysis and planning phase of the app development, our experts choose the right tools & technologies to develop the product with utmost efficiency.

The project is then handed over to the team of developers that take care of the typical challenges one faces during the development cycle. We use cloud services to stay connected with our client at all times, and maintain synchronization of project progress with up-to-date milestones.

After the development completes, we test the product in all environments to test some of the most crucial components, such as flow, functionality, integrity, security, analytics and more. Once the app crosses the test phase, it is ready to be rolled out on Google Play Store and App Store, which have some norms you have to register with, before you can start selling your services through these vast application distribution channels. And guess what, we help you with that as well!

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Overview of Mobile App Development Service

The value a mobile app creates and the ability it gives you to engage customers is really incredible. If you know that a mobile app can be a game changer in your business, you are wonderful. No doubt, you can outstandingly energize your business performance by investing in a mobile app. With more and more people addicting to smartphones and using them for shopping, communicating and paying bills etc., it is a golden time for businesses to jump up their business to the next level with a mobile app.

Mobile apps are easy to use, facile to navigate, and highly responsive. If customers have your app on their hands, they feel really amazing about you. Undoubtedly this will pave your path to cement a long-lasting relationship with your customers and amplify brand loyalty. If you’re thinking to develop an enterprise app, the benefits your enterprise will get really be breath-taking.

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Tangible Benefits of Mobile App Development

Mobile apps are not just for the big brands. So many midsize businesses are now into mobile apps in order to enhance their customer experiences and give themselves an excellent edge over their competitors. The advantages of investing in a mobile app are many and these include:

happy roads-fleetgenie -mobile-application-design

• Improved visibility: Through mobile app you can be visible to your customers at all times.

• Marketing directly to the customers: A mobile app can help you get in touch with your customers directly and inform them about your products, offers, etc.

• Achieving increased brand loyalty by rewarding your customers: Every time a prospective customer downloads your mobile app or makes a purchase through the same, you can improve the value for your brand by rewarding him/her. This will not only lead to more downloads it will also give you more return customers.

How We Build a Successful Mobile Application?

We support multiple languages with localization and globalization

We study your customers, what type of devices they are using, their language and location, accordingly build your app strategy

We – mobile application development company, create user-centric UI & UX design


We make app simple and attractive, with flexible layouts and easy navigation

We focus on all types of testing, such as functional testing, compatibility testing, and security testing, etc.

We focus on offline experience as well.

If mobile app development seems the right route for you, we – mobile application development company, are able to develop you a world-class mobile application that can make a difference in your business.


FuGenX: One-stop Destination for All Trending Mobile Applications Development

We at FuGenX are a Deloitte award-winning global mobile application development company. Our experienced mobile app development team is well expertise in creating top-notch apps for iOS, Android and Windows platforms. We leverage advanced and trending technologies such as Swift, Java, OpenGL, Eclipse, SQLite, JavaScript, C++ and HTML5 to develop game-changing apps.

The members of our mobile apps development team are well-versed in different programming languages as well as the latest strategies in mobile application development. Through our knowledge and expertise we can cater to all the requirements of our clients and come up with top quality mobile applications that include all the features they expect.

We deeply understand the current market values of app platforms that you’re looking to develop app for. Whether it is iOS or Android, it won’t just amplify your visibility in a stupendous way, it will also enable you to interact with your customers and upsurge brand loyalty. If you’ve a support of best mobile app developers in India like FuGenX, you can easily take your business to the next level.

This is Our App Development Methodology

app development methodology-FuGenX

We follow agile methodology for globally acceptable mobile app development. This methodology allows us to develop applications that embrace the latest developments in your industry. We’ll let you evaluate project priorities at the end of each sprint, so you will be able to give feedback on it. According to the feedback, we’ll make your app better and better that exceeds your expectation.

There are many considerations when it comes to choosing mobile application development companies, such as their app development methodology and design practices. We use the best when it comes to methodology in mobile application development. Therefore, the mobile apps that we create are easy to use, fast to download, small in size, quickly updatable, error-free and can seamlessly interact with the backend servers.

BigBasket-Android application development powered by FuGenX

Our Expertise in Mobile App Design

Our mobile apps design is human-centric. We design apps that people love to see again and again. Creating a great design is not a big deal, but integrating it perfectly with the backend makes your app a real eye-catching product. We do it with extremely skilled UI & UX app designers and well-versed programmers. That’s why we have been recognized as one of the most-sought after mobile app design companies in the world.


Explore Spectrum of Services That We Deal With

In order to help you serve all customers through all possible ways, we work with various mobile application platforms that include:

iPhone Apps Development
Android Apps Development
Blackberry App Development
Windows App Development
Facebook App Development
PhoneGap Development
iPad App Development
Native Apps Development
jQuery App Development
Enterprise App Development

Tools we use to develop mobile apps:











Industries We Serve

Banking & Financial

Benefits of Availing Services at FuGenX

We value our customers at FuGenX. Our main objective is to cater to your requirements in the best possible way and make sure you achieve your business goals through the mobile app that we develop for you. In order to improve the quality of our service, we make use of cloud services such as Amazon Web Services, Amazon s3, Azure, Rackspace, Dropbox, iCloud, and various other content delivery networks. If you still wonder why you should choose FuGenx for developing your mobile app, here are a few more reasons:

Customer satisfaction is our top priority

We promise you a staggering experience

FuGenX is an awarding winning mobile app development company in India and globally.

We have developed over 500 apps of various categories till date

We have catered to the requirements of about 400 clients

We are an ISO 9000:2008 company


Best Mobile application development is what you can expect from us. If you have any queries regarding the cost of our services or the kind of features you can expect, you can contact our customer representatives at any time. We are one of the most trusted mobile app development companies in Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Delhi NCR, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Pune, Coimbatore, Kochi (Cochin), Noida, Ahmedabad, Gurgaon(Gurugram), across India, USA, UK, Europe and Middle East.

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