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Blast Angle – Top Rated iPad Game

Blast Angle is a strategic, turn-based shooter for the iPad and iPhone developed by Neuchâtel Ltd and FuGenX.

Blast Angle is a truly immersing experience, which, owing to its unique Environmental Physics Engine, allows users to use their environment and key real-time elements such as fire, rain, acid and many more to take battle to the next level!

When you are done with the single player Campaign mode, test your might against other opponents in Online Multi-player over Apple’s Game Center. Finally, make sure to visit Blast Angle.com to see how you rank against other players, connect with other fans through our forums and learn more about the game!

Battle your way through 12 stunning levels featuring graphics enhanced with Apple’s new Retina Display technology!
Enjoy a unique, red-hot soundtrack specially designed to get your heart racing and pulse pounding!
Blast your enemy into oblivion using a full complement of highly engineered smart weapons!
Full Game Center integration so you can play against your friends in live multi-player!

Technology Used

  1. Cocoa
  2. Objective C
  3. Xcode
  4. Cocos 2D

Devices Supported:

iPhone/iPad/iPod iOS: 4.2 & later

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