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Slendit is a marketplace for rentals using peer-to-peer, & consumer-to-peer model. You can borrow the things you want from your own neighborhood.

Slendit’s mission is to nurture greener and more sustainable communities by encouraging a sharing economy and becoming the simplest and most trusted platform for people to do so. Slendit is here to disrupt the sharing economy for both consumers and businesses. Slendit recognizes that Discoverability, Ease of use and Peace of Mind are essential for success in the social sharing industry and for this reason these are the three pillars that Slendit is built on.

Slendit is not just a peer-to-peer sharing platform. In addition to connecting consumers to consumers, it plans on blurring the lines between consumers and businesses as well, all while offering peace of mind with privacy, insurance and liability protection. Slendit will focus and optimize its features and platform to best serve certain specific product categories that benefit our customers the most but that’s just the beginning.

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Customers can borrow the things they want from their own neighbourhood.

Slendit offers privacy, insurance and liability protection on each product they borrowed

Customers can pay for the borrowed goods online or through cash


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