Mobile Application Development Outsourcing to Indian Companies

Guide on Mobile App Development Outsourcing to India

As smartphone usage has been increased exceptionally, businesses of all types are giving extreme importance for mobile app development to engage customers and enhance business performance. But, most of the businesses are facing difficulty in building quality apps at affordable cost in America and UK. So, they are looking towards Indian companies to outsource mobile app development projects, but they are not randomly choosing Indian mobile app development firms, rather they prefer companies that can develop equally quality apps like American companies at affordable cost. This has created a great demand for Indian mobile apps development companies across the world.

Is outsourcing mobile app development project to Indian company good or bad?

This is the commonly asked question by foreign companies themselves when thinking about Indian company. According to a recent study by a global research firm, the Indian companies are hot cake for availing quality business services at reasonable cost, while software and mobile app development companies are leading the list.


Tips to Outsource Mobile App Development Project to Indian Company:

Research on Potential App Development Team:

This is the first thing you have to do when choosing mobile app developers. Choose your preferred mobile app developer first, look at their previous work online. Also give time to:
• Check their app store reviews
• Ask their client list and speak to them

Try to Have Face to Face Discussion:

Emails are usually good, but you need the best here. So do the following to get the best:
• Have a visual or verbal connection with them (i.e. Skype)
Visual communication helps you to build better relationship with them, vice-versa that allows them to understand you and your requirements better

Prefer both fine Quality and Cost, not only cost:

Although the cost is the major reason for outsourcing project to India, your focus shouldn’t only be on that, rather you should prefer company that can deliver top quality product at reasonable price. You also need their support for post development works like submitting app to the app store and App marketing.

Connected Communication:

Once handing the project over to them with your exact requirements, keep regular communication with your developers. This is key for the smooth flow of the project and to get back the completed project within assured time frame.
• Ask for regular reports
• Ask the time taken for each process (design, programming, testing etc.)

Last but not least:

Above all, one thing you should keep in mind well. When evaluating your preferred mobile app development company in India, you should allow them to understand you and your requirements well in every step. Because, for the production of great quality end product, the cooperation between both service provide and service seeker should be great.

About FuGenX

We are FuGenX Technologies, a Deloitte award-winning mobile app development company in USA (Santa Clara) and India . FuGenX is known for its ultimate support behind the empowerment of Big Basket, India’s largest online grocery store, with superior quality Online Grocery App. FuGenX’s global client base includes Vodafone, Praxair and Panasonic.

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