What is Chatbot and How It Could Transform Travel Industry?

What is Chatbot and How It Could Transform Travel Industry?


2016 has been the year we all came to know about chatbot. With the Facebook’s announcement at its F8 developer conference in April 2016 that stated businesses now will be able to use chatbots to deliver automated customer support via ‘Messenger’ service, the word ‘chatbot’ gained international attention. Earlier in March, Microsoft introduced its chatbot called Tay. Let’s see what is chatbot and how it works?

What is Chatbot?


Chatbots are micro applications that live inside chat app platforms like Facebook Messenger, Slack, and Telegram. Powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities, they can read and write message. The chatbot is essentially a user interface which can be plugged into a number of data sources via APIs, so it can deliver information for user queries in real time through automated appropriate text or voice support. Chatbot is capable for effectively mimic human conversation and react to spoken or written prompts.

How Chatbot Works?

Chatterbots recognize keywords in the users input and then access a database to give a predefined response. Let’s say the user is giving the bot sentence that contains the word “dog”. The chatbot is most likely to ask something like: “How your dog looks like?” or “Tell me more about the dog”. Combining pre-set scripts and deep learning neural networks, bots can predict an accurate response to an asked question in a way that skips phases of conversation to mimic regular chat. The same question can be asked via voice and the answer will be delivered in the same manner.

How Chatbot Could Benefit Travel Industry?


As a service based industry, the travel industry achieves its success on the experience level of customers. Travel companies can leverage chatbots to enhance customers experience, through advanced and quicken customer support. Bots can be used to provide travellers a simple overview of flights and hotels available based on their criteria and booking option. A bot that can have both the travel data and destination content would become a perfect travel companion. The travel bot would provide travellers information about their journey step by step.

On the journey date, the bot would retrieve all the boarding information like time of the flight, boarding time, check point, terminal number and even more information about the airport.

The bot can also help travellers in knowing the following things:
• Nearest business lounge
• Baggage allowance
• Time taken to reach the airport
A travel bot not only consists of travel and accommodation information but also gives suggestion on most famous places to watch. This is very useful for a person who is not familiar with the destination. With these transformational benefits, bots have grabbed the attention of thousands of travel companies who want to achieve first-mover advantage in their field.


Chatbots are called next-generation technology, which are helpful not just in customer support or not just for travel industry, businesses of any sort can leverage chatbots for internal support, sales and advice strategies. By choosing a right mobile app development partner, travel companies can develop a great chatbot that can help them achieve a desired success.

Want to know how chatbot can help your business?

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