Fitbit App Development


We develop accurately functioning Fitbit apps for all major Fitbit products, including Fitbit Zip, Fitbit Charge HR, and Fitbit Surge. Whether you need a Fitbit app to monitor the number of steps walked, the heart rate, or the quality of sleep, we do it how you want it. Whether you want to integrate Fitbit data into your own application or to develop your own Fitbit app, let us do it amazingly. With the best use of Fitbit API, our dedicated Fitbit app developers deliver the best-in-class Fitbit app service.

How Fitbit App Works?

The Fitbit app can be used to manage food, activities, weight and more. The app on the supporting mobile can be connected to the Fitbit device via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). The tied Fitbit device (watch, zip, band) can track and collect the data from multiple physical activities such as eating habit, sleeping, walking, and synchronizes it with the app wirelessly. The data can be analysed and used to change or improve physical activities to become a healthier human being.

Benefits of Fitbit App Development

Fitbit app development can help businesses in following ways:

Fitbit for Employee Wellness:


ABI Research says, by 2018, over 13 million wearable activity tracking devices will be leveraged for employee wellness programs. And, according to a survey by Automatic Data Processing, around 80% of companies with employees over 1,000 have added activity trackers to their employee wellness programs, whereas the companies with between 50 and 999 employees who added activity trackers to their employee wellness programs is 44%. Around 35 percent of respondents in Family Foundation/Health Research & Educational Trust survey said employee wellness programs are a “very effective strategy for controlling costs,”

Across the US, many SMBs, enterprises, educational institutions and other main-stream organizations are adding Fitbit trackers to their employee wellness programs. Fitbit trackers and app together let workers count calories and steps, monitor sleep patterns, compete against colleagues and perform well, which ultimately helps in increased employee efficiency.

Fitbit in healthcare:

Fitbit apps can help health organizations improve patient care significantly. More specifically, Fitbit can be used to look inside patients’ veins in the hospitals.

Fitbit apps can also be used to see inside piping and walls in the construction works. With the effective use of Fitbit device and app, businesses of any sort and size can achieve enhanced workforce productivity and increase the overall efficiency of the organization.

Why FuGenX for your Fitbit App Development?

FuGenX is Deloitte award-winning Fitbit app development company in USA (California) and India (Bangalore). We at FuGenX build quality-driven app solutions for future technologies such as Wearables, Virtual Reality, Internet of Things, iBeacon, Apple Watch, Big Data, and Augmented Reality. We develop Fitbit app solutions with a deeper analysis of Fitbit products (challenges and benefits), dedicated Fitbit app developers, and most sought-after Fitbit app development tools. This is what makes us one of the successful Fitbit App development companies in the world.

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