Apple TV App Development


The ‘Future of TV is apps’. This was what Tim Cook said while launching the 4th generation Apple TV (Apple TV v4) on September 9, 2015. Though it seems like an exaggeration, the tangible benefits that TV apps are delivering make it believable. Today, Apple TV is one of the most preferred home entertainment devices, the centre of operations for the Internet of Things, and an ultimate gaming arena. If you have a plan to develop an app for Apple TV, let us help you. We at FuGenX are an advanced-technology powered Apple TV app development company in India and USA.

How Apple TV works?

The streaming media player Apple TV takes content from the Internet and displays it on TV. One can ask Siri by remote to find his favourite multimedia content across popular multimedia centres like iTunes, Netflix, and more. And he can even ask Siri to find or launch a specific app to enjoy the enhanced experience of mobile on TV. With the AirPlay feature, it is seconds to bring the same content of iPhone or iPad on TV. Apple TV runs on tvOS.

Benefits of Apple TV App development?


Apple TV as a primary home entertainment device

A premiere magazine reported that the Internet is killing traditional TVs. This is absolutely true, but replaced by the smart TVs. Apple TV is one of the major smart media players that becomes smarter with apps and games. Apps can turn living room into a fitness studio or a classroom. There is an increased demand for Apple TV apps in the market.

Apple TV as the centre of operations for IoT

If you are involved in building Smart Home or connected enterprise through IoT, your Apple TV app can be the centre of operations, from where you can monitor and manage family activities, household objects, or office equipment and everything.

Apple TV as an ultimate gaming arena

Today gaming is not just for kids and teenagers. A game with ultimate technology power on the bigger screen can even excite affluent hipsters. This is where gaming companies can benefit from Apple TV game app development.

The benefits of Apple TV app don’t just limit to IoT or gaming, businesses of all domains, including e-commerce and lifestyle, can leverage Apple TV to offer an innovative product (or service) to its customers.

Why FuGenX for your Apple TV app development?

FuGenX is one of the emerging Apple TV app development companies in Bangalore and California. We at FuGenX help companies leverage the opportunities that Apple TV offers. We develop highly custom, distinctive Apple TV apps that redefine the user experience and change the way how people interact with content. Find an insight of why we are the most sought-after Apple TV app development company in the world:

  • Dedicated and experienced Apple TV app developers
  • Specialized project management team that is dedicated to support clients of any geography
  • Full development, from product definition to delivery
  • Winner of Deloitte award for unmatchable performance in the digital world

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