Android Virtual Reality Box App Development


FuGenX develops simply splendid Virtual Reality Apps that offer immersive virtual experience. Whether it be to showcase your product portfolio to customers or bring out a new service, FuGenX offers an unmatchable virtual reality box app development for the Android platform. The app could be compatible for all trending virtual reality boxes in the market, including Samsung Gear VR, Google Cardboard, Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

How Android Virtual Reality Box works?

Let us take any virtual reality box, for example Google Cardboard, which users can use to watch any virtually reality video through YouTube app on their phone. Before doing it, they need to perfectly place their phone in the virtual reality box. They could be able to experience an unparalleled enhanced view of reality.

Benefits of Android Virtual Reality Box App Development:

  • Android Virtual Reality technology offers huge first-mover advantages for companies for the demonstration of product portfolio, whereas marketers can leverage Android Virtual Reality box apps to achieve an increased response to their marketing content. As users wearing Virtual Reality Box are able to get completely immersed in the content with more attention on the message, they experience less distraction. This opens the door for marketers to get more value for their marketing efforts.
  • Enhanced view of product portfolio: Virtual Reality Box App lets heavy equipment (machinery products) dealers showcase their product portfolio to customers located anywhere in the world. The app can offer an immersive virtual experience of the products. Users can move closer to each machine to observe every small detail of the machinery. This enables customers to understand the product well before they walk into see it on the site. This significantly reduces the cost that they need to deploy sales professionals to assist the customers.
  • With the app analytics, businesses can get detailed insights around customer’s behaviour and intent. Today, offering enhanced experiences to customers is more important than closing a sales deal. Virtual reality can be the best way to do it. Virtual Reality doesn’t just limit to marketers and heavy equipment dealers, each and every business and department can leverage Virtual Reality to achieve enhanced customer experience.

Why FuGenX for Android Virtual Reality Box App Development?

We at FuGenX are a Deloitte award-winning Android Virtual Reality Box App development company in USA (California) and India (Bangalore) . We build futuristic solutions for trending future technologies such as Virtual Reality, Internet of Things, Wearables, iBeacon, Apple Watch, Big Data, and Augmented Reality. We develop Android Virtual Reality Box App solutions with a deeper analysis of Virtual Reality (challenges and benefits), dedicated VR app developers, and most sophisticated VR app development equipment. This is what makes us one of the most preferred Android Virtual Reality Box App development companies in the world.

Let us turn your Virtual Reality idea into a reality. Reach us at or fill up the form.

Kinect App Development

Kinect by Microsoft for Xbox is a sought-after motion sensing input device helping to create rich virtual reality experience. With a retail app and a business intelligence app to access the Kinect sensor, retailers can get business intelligence in real time in their retail space. Businesses of any sort like fitness, wellness, education and training, entertainment, gaming, movies, and communications can benefit significantly from Kinect app development. We at FuGenX develop powerful Kinect-enabled applications in C++/CLI, C#, Visual Basic .NET leveraging Kinect SDK. Our Kinect app solutions can help you enhance your customer experience and business performance.

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