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The Angry Monkey – A Slingshot iPhone & iPad Game

The Angry Monkey is an exciting Slingshot Game for iPhone, developed for entertainment purpose. In this game Monkey have to catch all the fruits coming his way to survive and to reach next level. But other than fruits, powerful stones will be also coming which Monkey has to avoid, otherwise life will be reduced.

The Angry Monkey – One Of The Best iPhone Slingshot Games

The main aim of Monkey is to catch all the fruits or else for each fruit the Monkey misses a life will be reduced. In every stage Monkey have to catch specified number of fruits to enter the next level. The number of fruits the Monkey has to catch will be increased by 10.Total number of Levels are 15.

Features of The Angry Monkey

• Colorful graphics & quality sound tracks
• Humorous & Enjoyable levels
• 15 Levels filled with fun & excitement
• Get more power in each levels
• Share your Scoreboard with your friends with Facebook

How to Play The Angry Monkey

• Catch every fruits to gain a point.
• Avoid Powerful stones.
• If a fruit is missed 1 life is reduced
• Catch 2 or more fruits continually to get more life.

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