Talking TuTu

  • Talking-TuTu

TuTu rated #1 New app in Appstore under iPad Entertainment category, India

“TuTu is a cute baby that responds to your touch and repeats everything you say in a baby voice.”

“You can make him laugh, sing rhymes, whistle, and play a fun game.”

“Don’t touch his head or he may cry and get angry!”

“Play a game of balloons with TuTu… blast the maximum possible balloons of the suggested color.”

Save photos of TuTu to your library, share them on Facebook or send them by email.

★★★ Features ★★★
Talk to TuTu and he will repeat everything you say with a baby voice.
Tickle him to make him laugh.
Dont touch his head, he may cry or become angry.
Touch his legs or hands – he makes funny gestures.
Play with TuTu game of balloons. Blast the maximum possible balloons of the same color shown below.
Capture and share photos of Tutu on Facebook or send them by email.
Choose Whistle and blow on the “mic” to make TuTu whistle continuously.
Choose Sing and select a Rhyme to make TuTu sing it in his baby voice.

★ Make TuTu a family member with lots of fun and laughter. ★


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