Sherpify guides students to dream big and create their own journey towards their dream jobs like how Sherpa helps mountaineers reach their dream summits.By understanding the individual aspirations of each student and helping them constantly improve their abilities, Sherpify helps students to be much better prepared to find the job of their dreams! Sherpify is easy, fun and absolutely FREE.


  • Identify dream companies
  • Obtain useful and relevant information about those companies
  • Network with industry experts, alumni, organizations, and recruiters
  • Learn about research, internship, and scholarship opportunities
  • Obtain access to curated articles, magazines, and blogs that aim to inform and inspire
  • Attend networking events and webinars conducted by industry experts and academia
  • Access information about competitions and career events

Easy and Interesting

Sherpify is easy to use and attractive with nice design and easy navigation, as well as informative with access to curated articles, magazines, and blogs.

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