Mobile App Marketing

Mobile app marketing is the process of marketing the mobile app through different channels, including through mobile advertising, social media, search engine, and traditional marketing. Mobile app marketing method is categorized into three parts; marketing before launch, marketing during launch, and marketing post launch. The primary goal of app marketing is to drive more downloads.


Why App Marketing?

Without marketing, it is difficult for an app to draw user attention. As there are millions of apps in the app store, only optimized apps could be visible when user search for an app in the app store. Without visibility, it is very tough to get more downloads. But in the case of popular brands’ apps, it is possible to get a good number of downloads without app store optimization. Below is detailed the different app marketing processes:

Marketing app before launch

App Promotion:

This you should start in the very beginning stage, during the app development. Organize an event, and invite business friends or key persons from the respective business sectors and media people to hint them about your app. If you showcase some attractive screenshots of the potential app, it would be very effective.

Dedicated Website for App:

Dedicated website or landing page for your app is a fruitful app strategy in recent years. The website, where you can place key info about your app such as its purpose, features, screenshots, video, and how it can benefit targeted users. The website you can also use to post press releases if you had done earlier that on app promotion event.

Marketing via Email marketing:

If you are already an established organization, you generally hold your customers database. So, that you can use that to send email newsletter to them regarding your upcoming app.

Marketing via Social media:

It is very powerful. Let your upcoming app go viral on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkdIn.

Marketing through search engine:

You can use SEO and PPC for the effective promotion of your app. For both, your dedicated website for app is used.

Some of the above techniques such as marketing through email, social media, search engine, you can do even after app launch also.

Marketing app during launch:

App Store Optimization (ASO):

When submitting app to the app store, you need to use well-researched keywords that can cover your app features and functionalities, to write description for your app. Video created for the app, and engaging app screenshots are also vital to acquire the attention of users. Another important is app title or name, if it covers your app’s core functionality or feature, can be helpful achieve better ranking. When selecting keywords, you can check with competitors’ apps those who’ve achieved top ranking in the app store.

Marketing app after launch:

App Analytics Tool:

This is used to analyze how your app is performing, which includes your app’s ranking for different keywords used to search similar category apps. By doing so, you can change descriptions with more keyword rich content.

Feedback to users’ response:

Users are allowed to directly post their comments about your app at app stores. So, you need to reply for users’ comments regularly. According to user suggestions, you can make changes in your app.

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