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MelodyGram Messenger

MelodyGram is a messaging app which enables you to share your feelings with your loved ones in the form of text message, voice message, images and stickers globally and unlimited by using the data network and/or Wi-Fi.

Background Music in Voice Message: For the first time in the messaging app world, MelodyGram enables you to share your feelings with your loved ones in the form of voice message with pleasant background music.
Users can simply add soft instrumental background music into their voice message in order to express their feelings in the form of melody with their friends and impress their loved ones.

Disappearing & Regular Features Both In One Platform: We brought together the disappearing “SnapChat” feature and Regular messaging “WhatsApp” feature into one platform!
Now you don’t have to switch from one app to another in order to send a message, photo or voice message within disappearing mode, within MelodyGram you can simply turn the “Disappear” button ON inside one-one chat screen and can make disappeard all your contents from the recipient’s device within senconds after it’s viewed

Windows and PDF files: MelodyGram also enables you to benefit a small work space inside the platform by sharing your work ducoments such as PDF and Windows files. You don’t have to switch to your email when it comes to an emergency file transfering! MelodyGram helps you share the needed documents right from your mobile device in a real time.


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