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Ishtaa Builders App

If you are a Builder & Developer, this app is tailor made for you.As the app receives reports and notifications from various construction projects, you can leisurely take a look, make a remark, allot a job, or just relax doing nothing.
You can also get the reports from marketing executives about the number of leads followed up, latest booking status, and related marketing updates.


1) Enhances the effectiveness and efficiency of the project staff
2) Makes it easy to update the work progress at the site
3) Even the smallest of the jobs at the site are documented and saved for future reference.
4) Keeps your project supervisor and marketing-head always on their toes
5) Builder can add any number of projects, delete, or edit the project details
6) Builder can add any number of partners, delete or edit them anytime as per the projects they are involved in.
7) The Builder can see the latest photos of all tasks. As the status of the task changes, the latest photo of the same replaces the old one.
8) The Builder can search the pending tasks at the site, which makes it easy to follow up and helps in completing the project on time.
9) There are many informative charts/graphs like following:

a. Work-progress percentage doughnut chart (dynamic)
b. Work-progress Vs timeline bar graph (dynamic)
c. Booking status doughnut chart (dynamic)
d. Booking trends bar chart (dynamic)
e. Cost-over-view doughnut chart (static)
f. Cost/sft area chart (static)
g. Cost-break-up (task-wise) bar chart (static)
h. Cost-break-up (item-wise) doughnut chart (static)


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