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Gmento is a service-oriented mobile app, which allows service seekers to find and connect with professionals and service providers of different verticals like doctors, tutors, lawyers, and home service providers. Developed to the emerging technology company Blue Ray Technologies, Gmento is an emerging platform for the search of professionals and service providers. Through its stringent on-boarding process, Gmento has brought together leading, verified, qualified and certified professionals and trustworthy service providers on one technology platform with diverse fields and categories so that everything is at fingertips. With just a few taps, one can connect with these professionals and service providers to get done the works quickly and easily.

Features :-

•Gmento allows service seekers to easily connect with the professionals or service providers of any category in their neighborhood.
• One can talk to the selected service provider.
• Filtered search based on the distance, service, rating, price, and experience
• Accurate geographical location of professionals and service providers on the map.
• Instant support on any difficulty in exploring the list

Types of Service Providers

Doctors: Cardiologist, Dentist, ENT, Gynaecologist, General Physician, Paediatrician, Sexologist, Cancer/ Oncologist, Neurologist, Skin, Gastroenterologist, and Orthopaedist, etc.

Education professionals: Tutors, Career Counsellors, and Personality Development specialists

Lawyers: Corporate, Criminal, and Civil lawyers

Professional service providers: Digital Marketing Experts, Web Designer / Developer, Translators, Pandit /Astrologers, Event Organisers, DJ, Magician, Speaker for event, Standup comedian, Wedding planner, Caterer, Bridal makeup / mehndi professionals, professional photographer, Beauty/Salon professionals, Aerobic Experts, Veterinarian, Interior designers, Professional classes experts, Ladies Tailor, Travel / Tour agents, Vastu specialists, Marriage Counsellor, and Numerologists, etc.

Home Service Providers: A/c repair experts, Carpenters, Electricians, Plumbers, Cooks, Drivers, Maid, Nurses, Pest control experts.

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