Android App Development Tools and Technologies

Android app development tools and technologies refers a set of tools and programming languages that are used to get done the different tasks involved in the Android app development. The different Android app development tasks include wireframing, design, development (creating codebase with programming languages) and testing.


Android SDK (Software Development Kit):

Android SDK is the official software development kit that enables developers to develop apps for the Android platform. SDK consists of sample projects with source code, an emulator, development tools, and required libraries to develop Android apps.

Android App Designing Tools:

• Marvel
• Invision
• Android Sketch Paper
• PopApp
• Android Patterns
• Adobe Kuler

Major Android App Programming (development) Languages:

• Java
• C
• C++
• Corona
• Phonegap
• Titanium
• HTML 5

Major Android App Testing Tools:

• Google Android Emulator
• The official Android SDK Emulator
• MobiOne
• eggplant

Note: Some tools and programming languages used in Android app development are also used for app development for other platforms like iOS, Windows and BlackBerry.

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