Tangible Benefits of Chatbot App Development for Your Business

How Businesses Can Benefit from Chatbot App Development?


There is no doubt that the technology is evolving at a break-neck speed. As a result, businesses of all sorts are having a plethora of opportunities for marketing their bands and improving customer experience. This year’s the most emerging star is undeniably the chatbot.

Although the chatbot was born a decade back, it achieved a real attention when Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced a new opportunity that creates for businesses to integrate their chatbot app into its Messenger platform, at F8 developer conference in April 2016.

What is Chatbot?

Chatbots are micro applications that live inside chat app platforms like Facebook Messenger, Slack, and Telegram. Powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities, they can read and write messages and reply to user queries through text or voice.

Benefits of Chatbot


Chatbot can help businesses mainly in three ways; maximizing the workflow, improving the overall customers experience and reducing the costs. Let’s explore the ways that your businesses can use to get these benefits:

Customer support

Chatbots are pretty smart, they can be used to assist users regarding finding information for their queries or solving it. Chatbots can remember users’ previous queries and be proactive in providing a comprehensive information in the future. For example, a Weather Channel’s chatbot that knows the zip code of the particular customer can provide him a broad range of information that can include today’s and coming days’ weather forecast and precautions to take if any hazardous things happen. It is very useful for travellers who are travelling abroad. Travelling companies can well benefit from these type of bots.

Streamlining sales

We feel no technology is better to serve customers in sales process, but we can’t tell the same when chatbot is available to completely take care of your sales process. Chatbots are not just for pushing the information, rather they can feel the intent of customers, from saying ‘hello’ to showing the suitable products and completing the payment (in case of e-commerce transactions), chatbots can support customers. Earlier this year, fast-food chain Taco Bell introduced a bot to automate the sales process. The bot allows users to place real restaurant orders by providing a quick text support via messaging platform Slack. The bot at clothing retailer H&M asks users to choose between various looks and recommends particular outfits and items based upon their interests.

Boost social media engagement

Chatbots are not just helpful for streamlining sales and customer support, you can even use them to build better social media engagement. By developing a Chabot for Facebook, you can easily drive both existing and prospective customers to your business page, where you can better engage customers on a personal level.


Chatbots are not just for big brands, its tangible benefits (shown above) is spanning all size and sorts of businesses. When comes to the business verticals, retail, fashion, banking, travel and insurance are the front-runners in harnessing the benefits of chatbots. But when you have an idea for chatbot app development, it is important to hire an expert chatbot app development company, which helps to make your idea better.

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