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Fx Real-time Market Platform

Thinking a platform like Uber Or Ola? Want to venture a new Business for a Market Place? Your searching ENDS here.
Upgrade your traditional business to our brand new Real-time Market Platform.

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Upgrade your traditional business to our brand new Real-time Market Platform before you are out from the COMPETITION!!

Which is the best example for business that jumped from the first step of the ladder to the ultimate step by changing the way of serving customers and finding new opportunities?

We say Uber! Why?

The American international transportation network company, Uber upgraded from traditional cab service to app-driven Geo-based cab service, which made Uber a trend setter and globally accepted brand.

That trend has got popularized as ‘Uberification’.

Ola, an emerging cab service company in India, is another distinct enterprise that used real-time platform to establish itself a nationally recognized brand.


What is Real-time Market Platform (RMP)?

Real-time Market Platform is a customizable mobile app platform used to deliver services to customers instantly with the support of Geo-based features.

Why Real-time solution is needed?

There may be a large number of talented service providers in the world who are lacking regular customers, likewise consumers who are seeking instant service providers. But the missing of link between service providers and service seekers has kept both of them fail to fulfill their needs.

We have a unique solution!

We at FuGenX, have come up with a unique solution Fx Realtime Market Platform as a powerful remedy for this problem. Fx RMP is an innovative app-driven solution that enables service providers to serve service seekers promptly with the help of Geo-based features.


Great opportunity for you!

As a business owner, you act as a bridge between service seekers and service providers. Here, when a customer enquired for service or product, you check the geographic location of customer and availability of service and intimate service deliverer to deliver service instantly. Both service seeker and service deliverer are happy because of you.

You will manage the whole process (both service providers and service seekers) but invest less on infrastructure and resources, but earn greatly like multinational transportation company Uber.

Uber has only 2000 employees, manages 160,000 contractors (individual cab drivers) and is doing millions of business annually!

How Fx RMP is different from traditional methods?

Traditional methods like phone calls, emails, blog post and social media comments keep your customers on waiting from hours to days for your reply. But using Fx RMP solution ensures you serve your customers instantly and in a distinct manner.

Fx RMP can be a dynamic way to cater customers and increase business performance if you are already a business owner. In case you are planning to start a unique business, it is sure Fx RMP will make you a trend setter.

Who Can Benefit from Fx RMP?

Anybody can benefit from Fx RMP, whether you are a service provider or service deliverer or service seeker. Fx RMP can be equally helpful for all parts of the society, but here the highest profit gainer is business owner, that you.

Like Uber, as a business owner, you can tie-up with individual cab owners to serve people who need instant transportation service with the support of Fx RMP. It doesn’t mean Fx RMP is trend-setting tool for only travel businesses, it can also be a powerful tool to achieve uniqueness in the business for retailers, food chains, pharmaceuticals, groceries, carpentry, valet parking and plumbing businesses etc.


Stand out from your competitors

Realtime Service – A unique way to rise above the competition

If you are already running a business, Fx RMP helps you to successfully and remarkably upgrade your traditional business to dynamic and real-time business. Fx RMP enables you to.

• Serve your customers instantly and amazingly
• Cater more customers in less time
• Enhance work productivity
• Increase business value

If you are dreaming to start unique business, Fx RMP supports you to turn your dream into reality of becoming a trend setter.

For more detailed information on Fx RMP solution, talk to us. We are happy to talk to you.

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