SAP Services

FuGenX is proficient over SAP based enterprise solutions to create distinctive capabilities and to simplify complex processes for establishing a distinctive formula of success of companies. SAP is preferred over millions of small and medium scale companies all over the world. Over 35 years of strong hold in the market has enabled the SAP to offer integrated and best practices over business process that offers better value over business. FuGenX has recognized to be leading services providers for integrating and incorporating the best practices over the business operations to make effective business.

SAP services from FuGenX can help you stand ahead of the competition.

No matter it is small or large or medium sized industry there is a need for flexibility, speed and updated technology to redefine the growth of the industries. Our FuGenX service providers are able to effectively eliminate all inflexible and poorly integrated systems and incorporate the updated services to provide to help customers stay ahead of the completion.

Our SAP Services:

SAP Demand-driven Enterprise Framework
SAP Enterprise Intelligence Management
SAP Enterprise Managed Mobility
SAP for SME’s
SAP Hosting
SAP in Cloud
SAP Intellectual Property Management
SAP Lifecycle services
SAP Application Support services
SAP Supplier Relationship Management
SAP Value Strategic Value Assessment

Our SAP Industries:

SAP for medical devices
SAP for energy services
SAP for retail
SAP for travel
SAP for oil & gas
SAP for IT

Some of the key challenges and operational challenges that enterprises face today are:

• Optimization of supply chain planning and execution
• To improve the operational efficiency
• Reducing the overhead costs
• Process standardization
• Flexibility and availability of reports and analytics for decision making
Experience of working over several successful ERP Projects has enabled us to clearly understand the customer’s requirements and we work with completely integrated and updated SAP services for enabling you to effectively function in the competitive environment, where small steps can bring in lots of business in terms of revenue and customer.

In addition the services that we provide are customized by certified industry experts that increase the capability of your business to acquire the desired goals.

Our Effective Integrate and Implement SAP Capabilities

• We act as an efficient global delivery arm for our customers in fulfilling the requirements and offer quality over services that we provide.
• We update with the best practices and standardize the processes for futuristic results.
• We incorporate the innovative and in depth engagement of SAP technologies and features for our customers.
• We develop comprehensive knowledge management frame work to consolidate and incorporate best practices for easy availability.
• We offer strong technical and functional competencies, t o deliver the customers with the services that can offer expected outcomes.
To translate business objectives into realities it requires efficient management processes in organizations, it is very difficult to choose a partner who has both industry experience and technical expertise in entire spectrum of market. FuGenX have capability to make organization in an innovative and effective way from strength of SAP applications. For our customers we provide efficiency in gains and new business value to improve businesses.