Mobile App Marketing

There exits many strategies of application marketing to make your application popular and have a lasting impression, creating a monopoly in the history of applications. Most of the applications fail due to lack of proper marketing strategies. Look through to know what can transform your application into the most successful and popular application with the various marketing strategies ranging from pre-launch to post-launch.

What you have got to do before launch?
• Come up with good search keys which would optimize your search engine and create good amount of traffic.
• Select a good attractive name for your application
• Get to know your competitor and also choose a right category which best suits your application
• Come up with a great icon which would create a lasting impression on your application, remember first impression actually gets your work done halfway.
• Select good screen shots of your application.
• Come up with good content which includes the functionality and unique features of your application.
• Create mind blowing product demo and stunning introduction video of your application
• Create social media accounts for better response and popularity.
• Pop ups like launching soon makes a big deal for your application.
• Use websites like Quora, Redit, StumbleUpon etc to create initial buzz of your application.

What’s required during launch and post launch??
• App store optimization (ASO)
a. Improve your app name
b. Keyword creation and optimization
c. Design an eye catching and appealing app icon
d. Unique description
e. Screen shot creation & optimization

• App Localization
a. Localization of Keywords
b. Localization of App Name
c. Localization of Screenshots
d. Localization of Description

• Make good use of promotions to draw user attention towards downloading your app
• Use Press Releases to create awareness amongst target audience
• Keep your customers happy so that your application will have a good rating
• Maintain your tract of analytics, have a analytics application in a app store
• Make sure you get featured in application review site
• Increase social sharing of content within your application
• Ask users to rate and review your application
• Create impressive web page
• Go for paid promotions
• Do make sure you install mobile application tracking
• Forecast the number of downloads which will get you right in the most popular application with maximum downloads hitting the top rates.

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