IoT applications for Automotive/Transportation

There is no doubt that Automotive is one of the most benefited industries of technological innovations like GPS, radar, and night vision. But the most sad part is IoT, which most of the automotive and transportation companies are failing to adopt because of the lack of proper strategy and implementation. We at FuGenX are a global IoT app development company, serving automotive and transportation companies with world-class automotive IoT app solutions to help them reduce fuel consumption, emissions, road accidents and achieve many more tangible benefits. We do it with a deeper insight of today’s automotive and transportation industry challenges.

Benefits of automotive IoT app development

The advent of IoT has created a plethora of opportunities for automotive industry, to enhance the performance of vehicles, employees and overall customer experience. The role of IoT behind connected cars and self-driving cars is enormous.

Automotive IoT app solution helps to develop intelligent, sustainable vehicles. It even helps to increase vehicle connectivity and avoid vehicle theft. The ultimate goal of automotive IoT is deliver personal and immersive customer experience.

When comes to beyond automotive, IoT has a complete set of tangible benefits for other players in the transportation. IoT app solution can be used to measure the data points taken from Locomotives which are loaded with sensors. Further, IoT can be leveraged to get to know anticipating events and take driving decisions in real time, with the help of data taken from locomotives, and from other incoming streams of data from informational and operating systems.

Including automotive, the performance of each and every part of transportation can be made better with IoT app solution.

Why FuGenX for your automotive IoT app development?

FuGenX is a Deloitte award-winning automotive IoT app development company in India (Bangalore) and USA (California). We at FuGenX extend the power of connected vehicles and fleets, acquiring data from sensors and systems to leverage the possibilities from Internet of Things. Our automotive IoT app development focuses on enhancing in-vehicle experience, which further helps automotive companies increase sales and revenue. We do it with dedicated automotive IoT app developers who have a great understanding of barriers and opportunities in adopting IoT in automotive and transportation. This is what stands FuGenX among top automotive IoT app development companies in the world.

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