Pros and Cons of PhoneGap App Development:

It’s always a foot in mouth for the app developers to come up with better strategies every now and then to cater the requirements of the mobile app global market. iPhone and android are making great deal in the mobile market, app developers need to be constantly refreshing their techniques towards matching their apps in cross platforms which is one of the crucial situation every app development company goes through. Catering the ever-growing requirements of customers have lead developers towards choosing cross platforms where one basic code would run with same efficiency over different operating systems, one of which is phonegap which is the most popular and a successful platform. Following are the pros and cons of phonegap cross app development platform.



  • Developers need not have to focus on learning new hi-tech complicated languages to create attractive mobile applications as a basic requirement developers must know the basic languages like JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS3 to efficiently run app over various operating systems.
  • Every Phonegap apps can be installed as easily as native applications, it enables you to leverage app store discoverability.
  • It indirectly helps you access the native devices like APIs which can be extended in a modular way through the amazing plug-in architecture it follows.
  • You can easily distribute as well as integrate payment through app store developed through phonegap.
  • There exists huge advantages due to tons of libraries available in phonegap.



  • In case your mobile applications include too many graphic elements there is possibility that it can encounter a big issue in near future.
  • Clear cut information, directions for better user-interface do not exist to the expected level of good quality which indeed identifies that there are no best practices to make app better.
  • Best descriptive documents are not available, at times it does lack crucial information which will be the prime requirement for the app development.