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About Qinvest

Qinvest is a Qatar based reputed investment banking firm. It is recognized as the most prominent Islamic financing institution in the world with operations across the Middle East, Africa and Europe. Qinvest serves corporate and institutional businesses with three prominent financial services – investment banking, principal investments and asset management.

Qinvest is crowned some of the prestigious global awards such as Islamic Global Fund Award, Best Investment Bank in Qatar and Best Islamic Asset Management Company in the Middle East & Qatar.

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Business Challenges

As an investment banking firm, Qinvest focuses more on achieving customer loyalty with comprehensive service and support. The main purpose behind CRDB Enterprise Application was enabling employees to record minutes of meeting (MOM).

Qinvest wanted its employees to be updated with the every meeting (telephonic conversation) they attend or have with clients. The management intended to keep it as a call report database. Qinvest hoped it would be increasingly helpful for enhancing employee productivity and sharpening the work process.

FuGenX Solutions

After a comprehensive discussion with Qinvest, FuGenX development team proposed a plan that was focused on enabling employees securely storing call report having with clients in the app as well as in the backend server for further use. FuGenX used Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) to establish an encrypted link between a server and a client to secure conversation.

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Benefits Delivered

  • CRDB Enterprise Application enabled Qinvest employees to be up to date with the every conversation they are having with clients, which enhanced employee productivity and streamline the work process considerably
  • The increased employee productivity was one of the major factors for Qinvest for winning many global awards, including Islamic Fund Management Firm of the Year of 2015. It also helped to achieve 40% revenue growth for H1 2015.

Application Features

  • App can be accessed with admin login
  • Every meeting report can be included with details like client name, client attendee, bank attendee (employee), meeting date and time, and subject
  • Meeting report can be sent or submitted to the concerned person or drafted
  • Search and Advance Search options to find the report created on a specific date, time or client
  • Forward, Follow Up, Add Note Functions for submitted reports
  • Help option to display help text
  • Refresh option to refresh Offline Data / Cache
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Technologies Used:(QT Language (Syntax as CPP), QML)

BlackBerry Momentics IDE (Includes BBNDK),BlackBerry 10 Cascades (Native)

About FuGenX

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