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Jasoomcars.com is an online marketplace for used-cars in Kuwait. The portal allows users to sell, buy, trade and request used cars in a hassle-free manner. Jasoomcars.com offers car buyers and sellers a reliable and easy-to-understand information and reviews on multi-brand cars, given by consumers and experts. This information is helpful for users to get an idea on which car to buy, how to buy and how much to pay for a car.

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Though the idea was new to Kuwait’s automotive industry, the development of mobile apps was essential for Jasoomcars.com to promote its venture, and acquire more new customers. As the usage of smartphones was growing at a rocket speed across the world, including in Kuwait, Jasoomcars.com planned to develop mobile apps that could help to enhance business performance, and to bring maximum ROI (Return on Investment).


After a comprehensive discussion with Jasoomcars.com team, FuGenX brought a result-oriented strategy. The strategy was focused on two key areas – attracting new users with eye-catching design, and engaging them with unique features. As a creator of innovative ideas, FuGenX suggested client to introduce a new feature that can allow users to upload a video of the car. That could encourage users show more interest in the preferred cars.

With the help of automotive industry experts, FuGenX’s world class app development team built a superior quality Jasoom Cars Apps that could run seamlessly on iOS and Android platforms.

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  • com attracted a wide range of customers with Jasoom Cars Apps, which doubled its customers number in a short period of time
  • The doubled customers number helped the company to increase its revenue, and to become one of the reliable marketplace for used cars in Kuwait
  • Users can sell, buy, trade and request vehicles in a hassle-free manner
  • A large selection of used-cars list, with car model, price, car interior type and kilometers information
  • Consumers, dealers and automotive industry experts’ review on different brands of cars, which is helpful for car buyers to take right decision
  • Photo galleries, videos of cars, as well as unbiased editorial content on cars
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Technologies Used:(Android and iOS)

Objective-C, Xcode, Android Studio, Java, SQLite, Balsamiq, and Photoshop

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