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CRDB Enterprise Application

Introducing an enterprise application for individuals to monitor and record their activities for audit purposes or to control and ensure with established policies and operational procedures. Secure Sockets Layer to establish an encrypted link between a server and a client.

Mobile application which enables to perform the following:

• Compose Call report and save it as Draft or Submit.
• Normal Search.
• Advance Search to filter the Search.
• Individuals can Edit Call Report.
• Forward, Follow Up, Add Note functions for Submitted Reports.
• Help to displays the help text.
• Refresh to refreshes Offline Data / Cache.

URL for Web


We are using below platforms and development technology for CRDB application in BlackBerry 10.

1. IDE – BlackBerry Momentics IDE (Includes BBNDK).
2. Platform – BlackBerry 10 Cascades (Native)
3. Minimum API Version –

Languages Used:

1. QT Language (Syntax as CPP)- Used for business logic and database operations of app. Generated file extension “.cpp and .hpp”.
2. QML – Used to create UI of application. Generated file extension “.qml”.

CRDB Enterprise Application for iOS


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