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In economics, globalization means connected world, where goods, services, technology and labor are transferred or shared among the people, companies, and governments of different nations. Technology, prominently internet, plays a vital role in forming a meaningful globalization by connecting people and businesses globally. The Internet is a robust platform, and powerful tool, which has encouraged, […]

Augmented Reality – An Interesting Technological Innovation

What is Augmented Reality? What does mean Augmented Reality? How Augmented Reality works? Are these questions for that you are trying to find perfect answers? Here is given what you are trying to find. But, understanding it requires a special attention and higher degree of patience. Augmented Reality is really an interesting technological innovation! Augmented […]

Ubuntu Touch – A Potential Competitor to Android and iOS?

Do You Know About Ubuntu Touch – A Potential Competitor to Android and iOS? Ubuntu Touch (also known as Ubuntu Phone) is a new mobile operating system like Android and iOS, which is developed by Canonical UK Ltd and Ubuntu Community. Ubuntu Touch is a mobile version of the existing Ubuntu OS, which is also […]


How to build better apps with upcoming iOS 10.3

Leverage These Outstanding Features of iOS 10.3 to Build a Better App! iOS 10.3 is now in developers’ basket as a beta version and the public release date is yet to be revealed. If you’re planning to develop an iOS app, you can harness many tangible benefits from iOS 10.3 that previous versions wouldn’t offer. […]


How to Make Your App Popular?

7 Ways That Make Your App Popular Tons of apps amidst of dynamic competition, this is what the scenario of app stores today. There are nearly 5 million apps, where Apple App Store accounts 2 million and Android Play Store accounts 2.2 million. This is what makes cumbersome and opportunity alike for newbies to the […]


How to Create a Solid App Analytics Strategy?

How to Create a Solid App Analytics Strategy? Successful app is not just an outcome of beautiful design and development. The real success goes beyond it. If you’re the only one in the app world or just few others, the success can be derived from just design and development. No, now the app world is […]


How to Estimate App Development Cost?

How to Estimate App Development Cost? Step-by-Step Guide – Exclusively for Appreneurs There is no easy success without a solid strategy in any business stream. This is simply true, truly simple. When it comes to mobile space, the competition is at its peak. There is a need of kick starting the project with a solid […]


Does Your Enterprise App Have These Features?

5 Things Every Enterprise Mobile App Must Include There is a large gap between the apps developed for consumer market and enterprise sector. The main focus of consumer app is to increase sales, while enterprise app is focused on enhancing employee productivity. For both the apps, user-friendliness is crucial. But today we are here only […]


Soon You Could Control Your Phone Without Touching It!

This technology could power you to control your phone without touching it! In this revolutionary digital world, everything is at your fingertips. How if you could use your phone without touching it? Wow, it’s really wonderful. Yes, soon it will be possible. Google is working on it to make this amazing thing possible. With the […]


What is Machine Learning – A Trending Topic!

What is Machine Learning – A Trending Topic! Machine learning has become a mainstream matter to many tech enthusiasts and mobile app developers today, thanks to its role in powering many of the recent advancements in artificial intelligence. Let us explain what is machine learning, its benefits, and best tools and languages you require to […]


8 Dynamic ways Automotive OEMs Can Leverage Mobility for a Full Potential

Today the manufacturing process of all verticals is turning digitized by bringing digital equipment and solutions in place for daily operations, pushing the manual processes away. From the production floor to the customer interaction site, manufacturers are leveraging cutting edge technological advancements. Not only in labour demanding area where automation already made the things easier, […]


How to Reduce App Development Cost?

5 Fruitful Tips to Reduce App Development Cost It is obvious that good apps cost more. When app developers require to use advanced tools and expert resource to develop quality app, obviously they quote more. This obviously burdens who have budget constraint, particularly startups. Though, there are some specific ways which help startups or businesses […]