Why Increased Demand for Mobile Game Development Companies in India?

  Why Increased Demand for Mobile Game Development Companies in India? You might get surprised. According to the mobile app store marketing intelligence firm Sensor Tower, out of 48,231 new apps released last May, 20,958 apps were games. Its successor (education, 2472) not even reached to the 12% of it. In fact, gaming today has […]

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The Future of Robotics: What Does it hold for 2017 and Beyond

What would be the future of robotics? It’s miscellaneous. Powered by dynamic innovations in the field and trending technologies such as machine learning and artificial intelligence, robotics has been a mainstream topic in all industry verticals. Robotics is expected to differentiate operations and activities in both business and day-to-day life. Research firm International Data Corp […]


Artificial Intelligence for Automotive Industry

The automotive industry is among the early adopters of AI, not just for autonomous driving, but a wide range of other personalization needs. Toyota, the world’s second-largest automotive manufacturer behind German Volkswagen Group, unveiled ‘Yui’, the AI agent for a car, at the Consumer Electronics Show held in the US in the first week of […]


Why Increased Demand for Mobile App Development Companies in Mumbai?

Mumbai, the commercial, fashion, and entertainment capital of India, has a GDP of more than $400 billion. This makes it the 17th largest city in the world in terms of GDP, where it is five position ahead of the country’s capital Delhi (22nd position), according to a survey by the real estate consultancy Jones Lang […]


How Analytics Can Become a Competitive Edge?

Business analytics has evolved from being a “nice-to-have” to business-critical solution. It offers an unmatchable competitive edge for enterprises at an unprecedented rate, by being supportive for strategic planning and delivering tactical value. The use of analytics that leverages statistics is getting a mainstream value due to its capability to significantly reduce decision error. Enterprises’ […]


USM Business Systems Acquires FuGenX Technologies

USA based USM Business Systems Acquires FuGenX Technologies, Bangalore based Leading Mobile App Development Company USM Business Systems, $65 million US based software and IT consulting firm acquires major stakes in FuGenX Technologies, a leading mobile and cloud app Development Company in India for an undisclosed amount. May 25, 2017, Chantilly and Bangalore – USM […]


Top 8 Mobile Ad Networks for App Monetization

8 Popular Ad Networks for Mobile App Monetization You bring out a million dollar app idea, hire a good mobile app development company and get the app developed within 6 months or well before that. But if your effort doesn’t result in revenue generation, your whole effort could be a futile exercise. So this is […]


An Insightful Guide to Set Up Google Analytics for Your Android App

How to increase Android app downloads? How to improve app retention? How to avoid people from uninstalling the app? These are the common questions we hear from every client who collaborates with us for Android app development. We suggest them to have mobile app analytics in place. What is mobile app analytics? What is Mobile […]


Will Exam Preparation Apps Replace Coaching Classes in India?

Coaching classes still hold a result-oriented impact on exam preparations, but this might be another industry that is soon replaced by e-commerce. In traditional classes, a group of students are tutored by a teacher in a single place. But today’s EdTech startups are breaking this practice. In fact, they have broken it already. EdTech startups […]


Top 10 Threats in Enterprise Mobile Security and How to Mitigate Them

Enterprise Mobile Security: 10 Serious Threats and How to Mitigate Them There was around 1.5 million enterprise customers’ data of Verizon was hacked, according to a report revealed in March 2016. Verizon is used by almost all Fortune 500 companies and the hackers mainly breached contact information and other basic details. Undoubtedly, security breaches like […]


Step-by-step Guide to Develop a Secure App

US Mobile App Users Facing Increased Security Risks! Do You Want Your Customers to Face the Same? According to a survey commissioned by RiskIQ, a California based cyber security company, poor security awareness is placing US consumers’ personal details and devices at risk. The survey had brought in 1,000 respondents. 36% of respondents don’t go […]


Surefire Mobile App Trends in 2017

Mobile app trends are definitely something to be aware of. Whether you’re an app developer, or mobile app development company or just an app lover, app trends are something that everyone needs to know of. Whether you’re a small business or global enterprise, with app adoption strategy in mind, it is better to know what […]