8 Dynamic ways Automotive OEMs Can Leverage Mobility for a Full Potential

Today the manufacturing process of all verticals is turning digitized by bringing digital equipment and solutions in place for daily operations, pushing the manual processes away. From the production floor to the customer interaction site, manufacturers are leveraging cutting edge technological advancements. Not only in labour demanding area where automation already made the things easier, […]


How to Reduce App Development Cost?

5 Fruitful Tips to Reduce App Development Cost It is obvious that good apps cost more. When app developers require to use advanced tools and expert resource to develop quality app, obviously they quote more. This obviously burdens who have budget constraint, particularly startups. Though, there are some specific ways which help startups or businesses […]


How Mobile App is a Sensible Decision for Inventory Control Process?

MOBILITY FOR INVENTORY CONTROL PROCESS – A POTENTIAL GAME CHANGER To stay ahead in the growing economy, it is important to bring in and manipulate fresh strategies that can result as a high profit margin getter. Retail business today are more FMCG inclined. To achieve the desired target, both their inventory and money flow need […]


Google Names its Upcoming Android Version as Nougat

Google Announces Nougat as its Upcoming Android 7.0 Version Google has announced that the next Android version will be called Nougat. The term Nougat derives from the popular confectionery made of sugar or honey with nuts. With Nougat, Android has continued its tradition of naming its versions by the names of alphabetically-ordered sugary delights starting […]


Risks Involved in Mobile Wallet Security and How to Avoid Them?

Following the demonetization of big currency notes in India, mobile wallets are today in much more demand. When it was first introduced, people were merely interested to get done transactions through m-wallets, but following the demonetization, the m-wallet concept formulated a new dimension. People are increasingly involved in wallet transactions, as it is simple, convenient, […]


How Gamification Helps to Increase App Usage?

Gamification in Mobile App – A Fruitful Way to Enhance User Engagement   Retaining the user interest is one of the biggest challenges that every app owner is facing. Increased app usage paves a path to reach the desired app goal. But, as there are hundreds of app alternatives, it has been tough for app […]


Artificial Intelligence: 6 Tech Giants Investing in It Heavily

Artificial intelligence has been a mainstream topic since tech giants Facebook, Apple, and Google brought virtual assistant into their cutting-edge user-centric products. What is their plan and who are other key players? 1. Google In 2014, Google acquired the artificial intelligence startup DeepMind for a big sum of $400 million, one of the largest AI […]


Things to Know Before Becoming an Appreneur

Aspiring to Become an Appreneur? – Things to Know Before You Kick Start There is no ambiguity, mobile app is the best example of ubiquity in the business world. Today it has become a necessity rather than the luxury, and brought the world at our fingertips. There is an app for everything, whether it is […]


Top Benefits of Gamification for Enterprises

These are the top benefits Enterprises can harness from Gamification Gamification is a trending game based technique prevalent in all major digital environments. But its prime beneficiaries are enterprises, where they harness Gamification to improve employee productivity, by integrating it in the training process to create lively environment and encourage employees to grasp the things […]


Virtual Reality: Game Changer for Businesses

Latest visual technologies are creating a new stream of solid opportunities for businesses, thanks to VR for underpinning brainstorming ideas that VR entrepreneurs had. Virtual reality is quickly becoming a mainstream of interest for a wide range of businesses. App development on this dynamic technology enables you to transform the business practices and completely change […]


Killer UI/UX App Design Tips That Can Work and Rock!

UI/UX App Design Tips That Can Help You Design Your App Design Success Today in the digital world, everything is user experience. If your app is capable to grab users attention in first look, your half work of engaging them is done. Good UI/UX Design don’t just mean presenting aesthetic elements, it is a serious […]


How to Make the App Idea Better?

Rocking Tips to Make Your App Idea Better “Appreneurs” are a new wave of entrepreneurs who leverage app potential to set trends in the app world. We know there is a huge profit from building the app, the best example we can say for this is WhatsApp and Instagram which have taken the world by […]