why developers are super excited about ios-300

Why Developers are super-excited about iOS 11?

With yet another phenomenal launch of the 11th major OS upgrade, Apple has once again raised the bar for its competitors. And the effortless way in which Apple does it, makes releasing an OS look like a cakewalk. But then that’s only because there is years of intensive R&D involved that places them in a […]


Here’s what you should know about Android Oreo

It is that time of the year again, when Google launches its new Android OS upgrade and the whole market goes berserk in no time. To say the least, Google has always been giving tough competition to everyone out there. In less than a decade, Android wiped off almost everyone in the market and now […]

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Who is Sophia ‘The Humanoid’?

The Terminator movie series almost had us believing that the future just might eerily be dominated by robots. While the picture of the future we perceived back then was quite intimidating, the reality at present seems far from frightening. Today, we have Sophia – a humble and optimistic robot that understands the consequences of its […]


How Machine Learning and AI can take your business to the next level

Since digital marketing has become an integral part of a business’ marketing strategy, companies have been fighting tooth and nail to claim the top spot in the digital world. But compiling and comprehending huge amount of customer data coming in every moment is no cakewalk. Evidently, digital incompetence has been a major reason behind a […]


How to Select Best App Analytics Tools for Your App?

Analytics is a trend of the current decade. The need of knowing what your customers do with your app is equally important as how you develop your app. Advantageously, you can have app analytics tools in place, which helps you analyse key metrics like how much time users spend on your app, how they navigate […]


Tech Giants are Eager Enough to Innovate AI

Tech Giants are Eager Enough to Innovate AI, So Great Opportunities for Businesses to Grow and Great Salary for AI Talents Nearly all big tech and non-tech companies are investing heavily in artificial intelligence. Their goal is to leverage first-mover advantage and stay ahead of the competition. So they are ready to pay talents who […]

Google Tez has More than You Already Know About It-FuGenX

Google Tez has More than You Already Know About It

Now it’s payment arena Google has stepped in. Tez that was released on September 17 is a buzz word among app lovers, tech enthusiasts, and business minds. Tez is a free payment app in India, which allows users to link up their bank accounts to transfer money to other Tez users through Unified Payment Interface […]

Here are the 4 Ways Your Business Can Try AI Immediately-FuGenX

Here are the 4 Ways Your Business Can Try AI Immediately

A few days back, when we decided to expand our AI service portfolio, the first thing what we got done was a series of market researches. The researches were mainly about how businesses can kick-start their AI journey. Our R&D team took care of this intensive market research task. The research revealed some amazing ideas […]


How Businesses Leverage Artificial Intelligence to Succeed

Even the every small change that artificial intelligence is making today is becoming a buzz word in the business world. Investment in AI is growing, but the surprise is most of them are coming from organizations outside the tech space. Amazon yields operational efficiencies leveraging its AI-powered Kiva warehouse robots, which looks absolutely fantastic. General […]


How Artificial Intelligence Can Help Retailers? Interesting!

There is no doubt that Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been making game-changing impacts in the business world. Today businesses, especially retailers, regardless of size and vertical, are increasingly ardent to build AI solutions. In fact, they need it requisitely as competition is skyrocketing and consumers are more attracted towards online offers. A few weeks back, […]

How Artificial Intelligence is Enabling Mobile App Personalization1

How Artificial Intelligence is Enabling Mobile App Personalization

How AI is Enabling Mobile App Personalization? A few months back, when we decided to add more services to our AI service portfolio, we conducted a series of deep researches across industry verticals like retail, e-commerce, and healthcare. Our goal was mainly to discover the pain points of businesses in the respective industries that can […]


Mobility to Improve Patient Care and Productivity. How It Works?

These are the Best App Strategies to Leverage Mobility to Improve Patient Care and Productivity in Healthcare! Health is wealth, there is no doubt in that. So everyone wants their health be steady to enjoy the increased life span. Technology is a revolutionary term that helped multiple industries and million people improve their health and […]