5 Free Apps that Quickly Make Your Life Easier

5 Free Applications that Quickly Make Your Life Easier This is app era, where Americans spend an average of nearly three hours per day on mobile apps. If you’re fond of an app, you’re are not wrong until unless it is not worthy. Below are some trending apps that make your life instantly easier in […]


Why Your Apps Cannot Beat The Mainstream Mobile Apps?

Have you ever wondered what happens in the course of app development which lead you to witness the unexpected deviations from the dream app you expected to bring in? Though most of us are totally equipped with huge baggage of experience yet we wouldn’t make it like a mainstream app such as Pinterest, Instagram, Dropbox, […]


Wearable Technology: To lead Healthcare Industry

The impact of Wearable Technology is already being experienced in the field of education, communication, navigation and entertainment. However the greatest potential lies in healthcare. Wearable devices has started to revolutionize the healthcare via advanced technology. Today, wearable health technology is being used in the form of smart clothes, sneakers, watches, rings, glasses, and are […]


Emerging E-learning Company Byju’s, Powered by FuGenX

Emerging E-learning Company Byju’s, Powered by FuGenX, Raises $75 million from Sofina, and Sequoia Capital The emerging app-centric e-learning venture Byju’s has raised $75 million (approx. Rs.500 crore) fund from venture capital firm Sequoia Capital and Belgian investment firm Sofina. This is the largest fund-raising by an education startup in India. Founded by Byju Raveendran […]


FuGenX Welcomes Apple’s Announcement of New iOS App Design and Development Accelerator in Bengaluru

Apple’s first-of-its-kind centre to support creative mobile app developers to develop innovative apps in India Global technology giant Apple Inc. announced a new initiative to support Indian iOS developers’ community to bring out innovative iOS applications. The company will establish a design and development centre in the IT hub of India, Bangalore, in the early […]


Why Mobile is Important for the Travel Industry

From the exciting beaches valley to eye-catching waterfalls, from guest houses to 7 star hotels, from bus to flights, travelers are frequent. Every traveler is companied with even one mobile that he can use to book tickets or reserve hotel rooms or to find information on destination of his interest on-the-go. Whatever the size of […]


Mobile Technology and the Future of Retail

Mobile Technology and the Future of Retail: As technology has been evolved, both opportunities and challenges for businesses have been increased. When comes to the retail industry, poising both in-store and online sales has become a crucial task in enhancing the business value. How both in-store and online sales can be perfectly poised? Today, from […]


How Mobile App Helps to Raise Funds?

It is an era of incredible innovation, typical transformation, and rapid revolution. In this technological era, the possibilities are endless and opportunities are boundless. Mobile is one of the greatest innovations of this era that has created an abundance of possibilities and opportunities for each and every sector of the business world. If say specifically, […]

PhoneGap Apps Development Companies in India

PhoneGap Apps Development | PhoneGap Application Development Companies in India   FuGenX Technologies, an ISO 9001:2008 certified Company, leading PhoneGap apps development company in India. We have been providing iPhone Application Development services to USA, California, UK, India, Middle East and other countries since 2008.   We have expert iphone apps developers who have constantly worked […]

Mobile Application & Game Development Company in USA

Mobile application development consists of fabrication of software, games and services that are performed on Smartphones, tablets and handy media players. Mobile game development company adopts the process of techniques and systems for programming that are needed for running applications in remote devices like Smartphone, tablet and note. Mobile apps development company is enlarged out […]

iPhone Application Development in India

iPhone Application Development in India FuGenX Technologies Pvt Ltd is an ISO 9001 : 2008 Certified iphone application development company in India. We got started in Bangalore, India in the year of 2008. Currently we have global presence in UK, USA, South Korea and India. We have been in the market for the last more […]

iPhone Application Development Companies in India

iPhone Application Development Companies in India FuGenX Technologies Pvt Ltd is an ISO 9001 : 2008 certified iphone apps development companies in India. Our company is professionally renowned and well experienced at providing iphone apps Development, Android Apps Development, and iPad app Development services. We offer services to USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Middle East and […]