Top 6 Tech Trends in 2017 You Should Have Strategy For

Game Changing Tech Trends to See in 2017 Many technologies here we’re talking are existing ones, but most of them are really exciting ones. Yes, we are in the first gear of 2017, where we are riding the same vehicle, but we can have accessories that can turn the same vehicle into a differentiating one. […]


Top 10 Mobile App Development Companies in India

List of Mobile App Development Companies in India As smartphone usage has increased tremendously, businesses of all categories are giving utmost importance for mobile app development for customer engagement. But, most of the businesses are facing difficulty to develop quality app at an affordable cost in America and UK. So, they are looking towards Indian […]


Emerging mCommerce to surpass eCommerce

It’s a well-known fact that Desktop and laptop computers were influencing eCommerce, as it was a primary mode of business for many organizations. However the emerging smart phones have started to influence the eCommerce transactions through fingertips. Goodbye to high-bandwidth usage for the eCommerce transactions that were through desktop and laptops. It’s time to step […]


How iPad App Can Replace Schoolbag? It’s Amazing!

Children can carry upto 20% of their body weight. Continuous overweight can hamper their natural growth and cause back pain and long-term health issues. School bags have sometimes 33% of body weight because of two major reasons – underweight children and unnecessary things in the bag. It can affect students’ performance and overall reputation of […]


How to Find a Profitable Mobile App Idea?

3 Easy Ways to Find a Game Changing App Idea A small story before going to the core: An engineer designed an awe-inspiring car in an automotive company. The owner was pretty happy, he praised the engineer a lot. But when bringing the car out, he came to know that the car’s top kisses the […]


How to Make Money from Free Mobile Game?

“I have a solid game idea, want to build it soon, but don’t want to make it a paid game as I am not sure I will get more downloads. I believe if I make it a free game I will definitely achieve more downloads, but my concern is about revenue generation”. This is what […]


How To Do App Store Optimization?

No doubt the current cellular market is among the fastest growing markets in the world, particularly app market. Like other markets, app market is also not exception of chain-circled methodology. There is a close link between each and every element of app methodology. If it is explained removing the chain links: for mobile, operating platform […]



PERFECT STRATEGIES TO CREATE A DYNAMIC MVP Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is a core feature crafted for the product that is adequate to test the product with the end users, to understand its viability, market opportunity and user adoption. In app development, MVP is considered as a metric to foresee app’s accomplishment, and opportunity to […]


How Mobile App Can Double Your Sales?

Double Your Sales With Mobile App! Yes, mobile app helps to double your sales. There is no doubt in this. But the question is how? We’ll help you know this as a truly customer-centric mobile app development company. Let’s discuss in points: Mobile orders: You mayn’t know, more than 60% of online purchases take place […]


3 Qualities of App That Make Any App Successful

These 3 App Qualities Make Any App Successful When you understand that the value of your app idea is above the capability that you have to build it, it is not tough for you to turn it into a reality. If your app has at least any one quality of them, users will definitely check […]


Amazon vs Alibaba: Who Will Win the Global E-commerce War

Amazon vs Alibaba: Who Will Win the Global E-commerce Battle Amazon laid the cornerstone stone on July 5, 1994, whereas Alibaba kicked its venture off on 4 April 1999 which was nearly five years after Amazon’s foundation. The market that was limited to a certain region then now encompassed the global space. Both were, prominently […]


Serious Retail Problems That Mobile App Can Solve

How Mobile App Can Solve Serious Retail Problems?   According to a report by Yahoo-owned mobile analytics firm Flurry, mobile app usage grew 58% in 2015. Consequently, online shopping has seen a dramatic increase in the last year. But the concern is about physical stores, where they are lacking technology-powered facility and skilled manpower to […]