Platform Based Business Model (PBBM)

Quick Overview of PBBM: Platform based business model is a customer-centric business model that facilitates the trading or exchange of products or services between two or more interdependent groups, usually consumers and producers (or sellers). The interdependent groups may be either B2B or B2C. Types of PBBM: There are a variety of platforms that allows […]


How Businesses Can Better Target Customers By Leveraging Machine Learning?

Machine Learning Can Help Businesses Better Target Customers! Really? Yes, Really.   Machine learning is today news of much buzz. Recently Google collaborated with VCs to host its own machine learning startup competition. Tech giants, including Facebook and Google are much more enthusiastic to build products based on machine learning to achieve better customer engagement […]


4 Crucial Things to Know If You’re Starting a Business under 30

4 Crucial Things to Know If You’re Starting a Business under 30 Yes, you already have your business plan under the hood or you’re crafting it while still working. Even though you’re young and don’t possess much experience, your effort to introduce your own venture is absolutely appreciable. There are dozens of tangible benefits from […]


Titanium App Development save your App Development Costs

In this era of competitive global market of apps, cross platform applications are going viral! Many mobile app development organizations are fighting to reduce app development cost as much as possible. In the world of app development, competitive strategies play a major role in identifying the loop holes and improving to better and better with […]


IoT can Transform Small Machine Manufactures!

IoT can Take Small Machine Manufactures to the Next Level! The changed scenario in manufacturing sector has posed tough challenges for small machine manufactures like non-availability of qualified resource, tighten safety regulations, utmost necessity of equipment upgrades and facility expansions. Today from big billion manufacturers to emerging startups, IoT is an efficient way to bring […]


Which to choose first – iOS or Android?

Android and iOS: Which Platform to Choose First?   Why Ambiguity b/n iOS and Android? The app industry is swiftly evolving day by day. A fact that a large number of startups are focusing more and more on the app-driven venture around the world. According to the technology company Gartner, Android achieved 84.7 percent market […]


7 Trends to Rule Mobile Technology in 2015

Technology has been making remarkable improvements in this ever growing market requirements and internet allies hand on hand with it, as it’s also been invaded into smaller handheld devices like mobile phone and different tablets leaving behind heavy devices such as PCS and laptops. Smartphones and tablets have made life so much easier by enabling […]


What Should Be Your Immediate Next Step When You Get An App Idea?

3 Guaranteed Ways to Fine-tune Your App Idea and Make it the Next Big Thing While travelling in the social media world or consuming content on tech sites, your mind gets inspired with innovative app ideas. Soon you will feel it could be a game changer. If you felt the same, the most important immediate […]


Top 6 Tech Trends in 2017 You Should Have Strategy For

Game Changing Tech Trends to See in 2017 Many technologies here we’re talking are existing ones, but most of them are really exciting ones. Yes, we are in the first gear of 2017, where we are riding the same vehicle, but we can have accessories that can turn the same vehicle into a differentiating one. […]


Top 10 Mobile App Development Companies in India

As smartphone usage has increased tremendously, businesses of all verticals are paying utmost importance to mobile app development in order to achieve customer engagement and increase sales. Everything right, but most of the businesses struggle to develop a quality app at affordable cost, especially in the US and UK. So, they look towards best mobile […]


Emerging mCommerce to surpass eCommerce

It’s a well-known fact that Desktop and laptop computers were influencing eCommerce, as it was a primary mode of business for many organizations. However the emerging smart phones have started to influence the eCommerce transactions through fingertips. Goodbye to high-bandwidth usage for the eCommerce transactions that were through desktop and laptops. It’s time to step […]


How iPad App Can Replace Schoolbag? It’s Amazing!

Children can carry upto 20% of their body weight. Continuous overweight can hamper their natural growth and cause back pain and long-term health issues. School bags have sometimes 33% of body weight because of two major reasons – underweight children and unnecessary things in the bag. It can affect students’ performance and overall reputation of […]