How GPS Tracking Can Take Oil industry to the Next Level? Among the various industries that yield revenue, oil industry is one of the most important one. This statement is evident from the fact that out of the top ten revenue companies, six are oil industry. It is also noteworthy that more than four billion […]


How Small Scale Retailers Can Make Use of App Development for their Business Mobile apps is no longer a term used exclusively by big brands and major ecommerce companies. Thanks to the reducing costs and availability of wide range of options at cheaper rates, now these facilities can be utilized by small-scale retailers to make […]


Why Concierge Apps Are Way of The Future in Hospitality? Technology is penetrating into almost all the industries, and there is no exception for hospitality industry too. Especially the mobile technology in invading into hospitality industry making the smooth run of it. One of the best app which is taking a major contribution in the […]


Blockchain Technology Is What the Healthcare Industry Needs Being able to stand at the forefront of the adaptability is the most crucial thing in the success and sustainability of any firm. In today’s competitive market, it is necessary that companies learn to adapt latest technology so that they don’t get behind their competitors. Let alone […]


8 Steps to Build A Sensational Blockchain Application A peer to peer electronic cash system developed by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008, called Bitcoin had introduced, the most revolutionary ‘Blockchain Technology’. This Blockchain technology is marking its role via various ways and it is becoming a substitute for various existing technologies. The applications of blockchain technology […]

Benefits of Flutter

5 Benefits of Flutter: That Make It Start-up Friendly Want to have a Start-up-Friendly, then Use Flutter The very new SDK, launched by google, after the launch of Android P, is Google Flutter. Among the various SDK’s so far launched, this Flutter stand out to be more advanced and advantageous. The main reason for it […]

Apps or the Chatbots

Apps or the Chatbots- which is the Best? Technology is playing a very vital role in each and every walk of our lives these days. In such a scenario, one can see the introduction of lot many technological products. This introduction various tech products may lead the users in a confusion of what to use. […]


21 Metrics That Matter for Your App in 2018 Building an app is not that easy, it requires lot of efforts, time and money. Even after spending so much efforts, time and money on developing an app, what actually matters to the users is its applicability to them. Also, once an app is developed it […]

10 Security issues app developers

10 Security issues app developers need to know while developing mobile app In the world of technology and online platforms, the role of mobile application has increased in converting harder tasks into simpler ones. People of today’s generation love to get advanced features in their mobile apps, and that’s why as an app developer, you […]

outsource app development

Important Factors That Help Evaluating a Developer for Your App Development Project In the past few years, the mobile apps business has been growing exceptionally day after day. Today, the mobile apps have become basic needs of every person. Whether you want to buy something or sell something, mobile apps can save your time and […]

7 Things Must Know Continuous Integration Continuous Integration, which in short abbreviated as CI, is an Automation Technique. Automation Techniques are those techniques which are used in substitution for the manual. In other words, Continuous Integration, CI are techniques which reduces the human efforts and enforce consistency for a better quality output. How does CI […]


Kotlin – The Preferred Programming for Developers Now days, people are very much become dependable on machines. The most common machine among people is computer and mobiles. To use good programming language in these machines is very much compulsory and Kotlin is one of the most preferred programming languages for developers. Kotlin is very unique […]