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Android P Developer Preview is out and is killing it

  Ever since Android Gingerbread was launched, Apple was quite clear about Google’s intention to take a lot away from it, in terms of revenue and market. And while Apple chose to stick to the ‘iOS’ terminology, Google decided to play naughty with its magnum-opus, from the very beginning. Gingerbread, Honeycomb, Ice Cream Sandwich and […]


Top Mobile App Development trends that will dominate 2018

2018 is here and how we wish we could tell you we have invented hoverboards, flying cars and robots to assist us with almost everything, like that in Back to the Future…… because we have not. But then what is relieving, and probably resurrecting for the geek class, is that we have unlocked the doors […]

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Simplistic Business Communication with WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp is incontrovertibly one of the most popular mobile apps ever made. The entry of WhatsApp into mobile space was no less than a revolution as it totally wiped out the SMS culture from the face of earth. The second revolution it brought in was easy & embedded video calling, which enabled WhatsApp users to […]


Here are the Top Gadgets from CES 2018

Consumer Electronics Show – the most prominent and biggest exhibition for gadgets, electronics, cars and basically everything and anything that belongs from technology. Geeks and tech-enthusiasts from all over the world eagerly wait for the CES Global Event to try, hands-on, the most mind-blowing inventions, the impacts of which can be felt throughout the year. […]


How ‘Smart’ is the world going to get in 2018

We have started taking things easier than ever, in a positive way, and the credit for that goes to the smart technologies that surround us. If you look around you; in fact, I think you must take a look around you right now. Are you looking? Do you see that smartphone that means everything to […]


This is how 2018 has welcomed technology

2017 gave us enough more than we anticipated in the technology space, and if you think that’s that, wait till you come to know about how deep 2018 is already into technology. And the best thing about year 2018 is that the advancements we have seen this year are from different fields and are quite […]

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Trends in Mobile Marketing to lookout for in 2018

The introduction of mobile into the marketing space has been one of the boldest steps in the field of technology, and from where we are stand, mobile technology seems to have penetrated the marketing space deep enough to become an integral part of it. Especially in case of small businesses, most of them rely majorly […]


How YouTube can help your Business

The rise of digital marketing has unleased the real capabilities of the web. It has showed us that there are many ways we can use the internet in the best of our business interests, and mobile app development has played a big role in getting us acquainted with social media. Lately, popular social media platforms […]


Everything you need to know about Alexa

The name Amazon needs no introduction in the e-commerce market. It is undeniably the biggest e-commerce platform in the world. According to a report by CNBC, Amazon recorded a revenue of $4.58 billion in sales and $1.17 billion in operating income. With the growth of digital marketplaces, Amazon has shown some great year-over-year revenue growth, […]

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Applications of Mobile App Development in Automotive Industry

“The industry that was once meant to drive things, in now being driven by digital”. Yes we are talking about Automotive Industry that is completely in the awe of digital technologies at present. And to say the least, mobile apps are one of the leading factors among all formats of digital that have affected the […]


Everything you need to know about VR Technology

What if we told you that you could see Eiffel Tower and come back in a moment, without even spending a penny? That you could stand in the middle of World War II in 1945, without taking a bullet? You would probably mock it off, unless you are either a French war veteran who was […]


How Mobile Apps are disrupting Traditional Education

There is no doubt in the fact that practice of traditional ways in the education sector has helped us build a stronghold that we are proud about. But just like everything has to undergo changes in order to evolve into something bigger, education sector is well on its way to evolve into a comprehensive system […]