How Small Scale Retailers Can Make Use of App Development for their Business

Mobile apps is no longer a term used exclusively by big brands and major ecommerce companies. Thanks to the reducing costs and availability of wide range of options at cheaper rates, now these facilities can be utilized by small-scale retailers to make good to their business. Any app development company is offering wide plans with regard to pricing and most of the entry to mid level plans are in the reach of even small time businessmen and budding businesses.

If you are already into mobile app development and its usefulness for a business, you need not break your head for understanding how it can be useful for the small businesses also. With the availability of different options and simpler user interfaces, app development has become much easy than ever. For those who are still in the mindset of yester decade, will definitely come to a shock by knowing the range of products and services available in the landscape of mobile marketing in today’s market.

Lets explore how small scale businesses can make most use of mobile app by utilizing minimal budget and inputting maximum creative processes and marketing it to the core.


How Retailers Can Make use of Mobile App for their Business?

Smart phones are every where now. Even in the developing and underdeveloped markets, the percentage of people using smart phones is increasing. When you compare the growth rate of internet and mobile phones, the rate of growth of mobile usage is far faster than the growth of computer-based internet services. With this statistics, we can come to understand that smart phones have become inevitable part of modern day life.

With such an important device in hand, how can businesses ignore the role of mobile apps in reaching out to their customers and providing the services on the go. Companies are slowing understanding the role of smart phones and hence are releasing mobile apps that can provide a connecting bridge between their business and customers.

Benefits of Retailer Mobile App

a) Personalized Services:

Best part in the concept of mobile app development for retailers is that the services of the business can be personalized. Earlier days, when there is an mobile app, it was merely a representation of their online website where you could only get some information about the services of the company and their contact details. Now, with the improvement in personalized services, even the retailers are offering personalized services and giving what the customer wants exactly. You can observe that most of the apps are coming with register and login feature, so that they can get your profile enrolled in their databases and serve you based on your individual interests.

b) Easy to Deploy & Maintain:

Just a small Google Search with the input as retail app development guide for retailers will give you a ton of results, each with juicy links and engaging visual contents. These how-to tutorials have enabled even the small time retailers to get into the mobile app bandwagon and serve their customers in a better way. One need not be an expert in the domain of mobile apps development for the purpose of implementing the same for their business. Even with the minimal awareness about the mobile apps, he or she can come up with excellent mobile apps running for their business. This is all possible because of the wide range of app development companies sprouting across the world.

Mobile Buying Options

With more and more people enjoying the comforts of online buying, how can you ignore the most important decision for your business i.e. having a mobile app that allows your customers to do mobile buying. When a customer is having the option of getting their desired services and products right to their doorstep just by opening an app and making the purchase, how can you expect more and more number of people to visit your brick-and-motor store? Give the customers the joy of mobile buying and they will be clinging to your business for years to come. Should you ignore this major aspect of modern day business, your competitors are ready to grab your existing customers by luring them with online and mobile portals for easy dispensing of services and products.


Promoting New Products

Did you find your smart phone gives some notifications about the latest products and events in your local area? This is because of the push notifications enabled in the apps that you have downloaded. In the same way, you can also utilize this opportunity to promote your new products and services to your existing customers by having them install your mobile app. Once they install the mobile app, it becomes easy for you to keep them informed about latest products and any other announcements. Best thing you can do for keeping the customers retain their app for long, is to offer discounts and bonuses through mobile apps. This kind of encouragement will increase your customer database and also helps you to retain the number of mobile app downloads.

Building Brand Value:

Earlier, web presence was thought to be a crucial thing in building brand value. But now with the advent of smart phones, even a mobile app has joined the list. Both online portal and mobile app can enhance your brand value and create a long lasting impression in the minds of your customers.

You might have noticed that many people swipe through their apps during their moments of inactivity. That means, people are spending a lot of time on their smart phones even without their knowledge. In such situations, how can any smart businessman ignore the role of mobile apps for their business development?