Blockchain Technology Is What the Healthcare Industry Needs

Being able to stand at the forefront of the adaptability is the most crucial thing in the success and sustainability of any firm. In today’s competitive market, it is necessary that companies learn to adapt latest technology so that they don’t get behind their competitors. Let alone beating the competition, even for meeting the ever increasing demands from the customers, it is necessary that companies spend their time and effort in learning latest technology and providing better services to their customers based on their latest technology.

The proactive approach in adapting to the latest technology is applicable in all the industries, but is more so applicable for healthcare industry. This is a special industry where not being aware of the latest technology not only costs loss of business, but also may result in loss of quality of life for the patient. Latest implementation in the recent times is blockchain technology in healthcare. This is going to be disruptive advancement with changes taking place at rapid pace.

Blockchain technology may not be a new term for tech savvy people who have heard lot of news and stories on Bitcoin in the recent times. The underlying software program used for creating the latest form of currency, is found to be having potential to bring lot more changes in the healthcare industry also.


Role of Blockchain in Healthcare Industry:

Blockchain technology in healthcare can be used in multiple ways. One of the most reliable and foreseen ways to use this technology is to track patient health records. Specialty of using this technology for this purpose is that it can process the data securely, comprehensively and privately. As of now, the patient health history is not easy to read as it seems to be a piece-meal grabbed from different sources and various formats. Different reports may be present with different places, because the patient might have consulted different doctors and hospitals.

One more good source of information about patient health is latest health tracking devices. These wearables store vital data about a patient health etc. Blockchain technology can help to integrate all this information in to a single source so that healthcare providers can give better treatment based on the information obtained through these sources. Also, doctors and specialists may be able to get more insights into the health condition of the patient, his habits, his body nature, medical history, allergies, etc just by giving more analytical view on the information obtained from this technology.


Interoperability between Various Systems:

The information currently available about a particular patient is discrete and doesn’t make sense unless it is worked on. It is because of the reason that the data is not in uniform formats. Different systems input the data in their own formats, which makes it difficult for managing the data from various sources. With blockchain technology in force, this problem can be solved effectively. This technology makes use of different systems and integrate the data from various sources. Best part of this technology is that it will make the transitio so swift, smooth and easy to operate.



Another major advantage of blockchain technology is that it can be scalable. When the demand for the data is high, it will automatically use technology and servers of higher capability, thereby serving in a better way, without getting crashed or stuck. This makes blockchain more reliable than any of the technologies healthcare industry has seen so far, for this purpose.

Disaster Recovery:

With integration of latest technologies pertaining to data recovery, we can ensure that blockchain has the ability to secure the data and can provide disaster recovery even when there is loss of data at any of the various ends like patient, hospitals, doctors, laboratories, etc. Already data encryption technologies and cryptography technologies are making it tough for hackers to touch the blockchain technology. As the time progresses, these security technologies are expected to improve to meet the demands of changing times.

Real-Time Access:

Healthcare blockchain companies are eager to implement the latest technology in most of the hospitals and organizations because it would cut down their costs in the long run. This is because of the fact that blockchain allows us to share the same data and make real time updates from different sources like patients, medical professionals and organizations. This eliminates the need to keep a multiple copies of the same data and synchronize it again. This means a lot to the healthcare blockchain companies because they are going to save lot of time, effort and money involved in synchronizing the data.

Suitability to Specific Requirements:

One more advantage of having blockchain technology in healthcare industry is that it allows the patients, or organizations to download the required data in the format they require. Stakeholders of the healthcare community are provided options to choose from, and they can select the application which they require for their specific purpose. All this is possible because of implementing blockchain technology which ultimately helps the healthcare community to provide better services to the patients.

Above mentioned are just a few USPs of the blockchain technological products. There are still more advantages of having this technology in healthcare industry, which is sure to make disruptive changes in the coming times.



8 Steps to Build A Sensational Blockchain Application

A peer to peer electronic cash system developed by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008, called Bitcoin had introduced, the most revolutionary ‘Blockchain Technology’. This Blockchain technology is marking its role via various ways and it is becoming a substitute for various existing technologies. The applications of blockchain technology is seen in various industries like banking, currency exchange, voting, etc. Owing to all the various advantages of using blockchain application technology like are protection from data theft, avoidance of intermediaries, data transparency, it has become an one of the most demanding technologies. If you wants to develop any app using blockchain technology, following are few guidelines which will help you in Blockchain Application Development.

  1. Use- Case identification

The first and the foremost thing to consider is the applicability of the technology. Although, Blockchain technology is one of the most useful technology, it is may or may not be required in all cases because of various reasons like cost effectiveness, internal capabilities, etc. The mobile app developer should and must consider all the various parameters of various technologies and need to choose the technology which will be wise for developing a particular application. If the developers finds it best to use blockchain technology, for developing a particular app, then he or she need to proceed with the next step.

  1. Choosing the Application’s Consensus Mechanism

Blockchain Technology uses various consensus mechanisms like federated, round robin, proof of elapsed time, delegated proof of stake, byzantine fault tolerant. All these mechanism involve a decentralized system, in which the transaction need to be authenticated by all the members within the network. Depending upon the type of the use-case, the consensus mechanism which has to be adopted is decided. Among the various consensus mechanisms, Bitcoin is the most commonly used one.


  1. Finding out the most suitable platform

Just like consensus mechanism, there are various platforms available for blockchain. Popular platforms for blockchain are hyperledger fabric, BigChainDB, ethereum, quorum, etc. most of these platforms are open source platforms, hence choosing becomes very simple. The selection of the platform need to be done considering the various pros and cons of each platform and also the by comparing various platform usage for developing decentralized apps.

  1. Architecture Designing

Architecture designing involves few options for software and hardware configuration like OS, disk capacity, processors, etc. Also, the blockchain solutions can be a in-house model, cloud model or a hybrid model. Knowing the architecture seems to be unimportant but it plays a vital role among the various requirements of the app. For agile working, cloud is the most proven choice.

The Blockchain solutions can follow under following categories

  • Permissioned- which includes voting systems or government run land
  • Permissionless- includes Bitcoin which is open to all
  • Private- includes the contract management systems in pharma companies and hospitals
  • Public- include asset backed cryptocurrency like ethereal
  • Hybrid- includes a group of banks which works on a shared KYC platform.
  1. Configuration of the App

App configuration should be done very carefully and it involves the following elements like asset issuance, permissions, asset re-issuance, multi signatures, atomic exchanges, native assets, address formats, etc. among all these various parameters, some are changeable and some or not.

  1. Building API’s

Depending on the type of the use case, building the API’s varies, for instance some can be pre-built whereas, and some need to be built later. Need for building an API includes the following


  • Audit related functions
  • Data storage and retrieval
  • Smart-asset lifecycle and management
  • Generating key pairs and addresses
  • Data authentication via digital hashes and signs
  • Smart contracts
  1. UI designing and Admin

Next, it is the time to move on to the admin and UI console of the app. Depending on the use-case, the servers, front- end programming language, external database need to be decided. Choosing the front-end language can be among the options like CSS, C#, Python, Ruby, HTML5, PHP, Java, Golan, Angular JS N. Servers may include mail serves, web servers, FTP servers and the external databases may include MongoDB, MySQL, etc.

  1. Problem area identification and scaling

Blockchain applications, is in budding stages of development and needs models like MVP for its scaling. The best things about MVP are cost and time effective, provides workable solutions, offers a completed app solutions.

At this stage of app development, focus should be given to identifying the performance issues, latency, memory glitches, crashes, etc. As soon as the bug appear in the process, it has to be fix asap, which will help in protecting from various scaling problems.


Theory seems to be simple, but when it comes to the applicability, implementing these above steps is more complicated, yet possible. Blockchain Development Servicesis one of the revolutionizing tool and is worth using it. The future of Mobile App Development is no doubt the Blockchain Technology. If you are looking for developing an app based on Blockchain technology, then the best destination would be FuGenX Technologies, one of the best App development company.

Benefits of Flutter

5 Benefits of Flutter: That Make It Start-up Friendly

Want to have a Start-up-Friendly, then Use Flutter

The very new SDK, launched by google, after the launch of Android P, is Google Flutter. Among the various SDK’s so far launched, this Flutter stand out to be more advanced and advantageous. The main reason for it is having a beta version of UI Framework and also this Flutter can work on cross platform apps.

The various other best things about flutter is that it can create apps with a single coding process, usage of Dart for writing applications, making the syntax look like Java, it can combine both with android and iOS platforms. The performance of flutter is not be easier, but also much better serving as a best option for various start-ups.

Flutter and its Advantages:

Flutter was launched in May 2017. It was released with alpha version, but later on it was upgraded to beta version. There are many benefits of using flutter for developing apps, following are some of those benefits of using flutter

Benefits of Flutter

  • Packed with a wide range of Widgets

Flutter comes with a well catalogued package full with various exciting widgets. The various apps developed using flutter are not only hassle free but also function very smoothly leaving the user with an amazing experience. The flutter makes use of Dart for writing the app which can be compiled to native code. Integration is made better using intelli J plugin.

  • Single Codebase for both Android and iOS

Usage of JavaScript is not feasible option for developing apps. Hence, it can be made better with the help of usage of single codebase for both android and iOS. The risk of drastic shifts can be avoided by the usage of flutter which is used for cross platform apps. This makes the development of the app easily and makes it possible for high security and defensive patents.

  • It is an Open source project

For any given purpose, this open source project can serve for using as well as studying for many start-ups. It is no lesser to any open collaboration, because of which it is a user friendly and offers easy accessibility. It provides with as many options as possible which no other company can offer and the best part is that is offer a diverse scope for designs.

  • Offers Best Editor Integration with Virtua Studio Code and Android Studio:

During the development of the app, the various additions or deletions is made possible. Virtua Studio Code and Android Studio make smarter completions on the basis of variable types, function definitions and imported modules. Also, flutter made it possible to pull or push from any SCM service.

  • Java feel is brought about by Dart

The features of Dart are similar to that of Java. This similarities between the Dart and Java helps the developers to make easy shifts. Flutter is no doubt is a better option for the developers because of its ease of usage, contained with better widgets, amazing editorial integrations.

The above mentioned 5 benefits are not the only ones, but flutter has also got lot many other benefits like its accessibility to native features and SDK’s, provides better experience using third party integration and native codes, usage of exploration of native features with SDK’s. Moreover, with flutter, the user can reuse the programming languages of iOS and Android.

Final Word:

For the mobile app developers who are working on various start-ups, focusing on effective development and user friendly kits, Flutter is the best choice. Flutter is contained with lot many exciting features like faster app development process, attractive interface, flexible APIs and many more, which are making it a friendly tool. Designing of Flutter is made keeping in mind the various start-ups, hence it has become one of the best option to develop the most user friendly and engaging apps.

Apps or the Chatbots

Apps or the Chatbots

Apps or the Chatbots- which is the Best?

Technology is playing a very vital role in each and every walk of our lives these days. In such a scenario, one can see the introduction of lot many technological products. This introduction various tech products may lead the users in a confusion of what to use. Such a scenario, may also be seen with chatbots and apps. Chatbots, with its effect from 2017, is leading the tech arena with its amazing features. On the other hand, apps stand no way down. Both chatbots and apps are having their own features exhibiting uniqueness. Now, let us consider chatbots and apps- their advantages and disadvantage, and which one to choose between them


Chatbots, serves as a personal assistant, which will help in serving the user in using the various options of the device and/or website. For instance, when any user visit any particular website, then on some of the websites, the user can see some popups that comes with some question on the screen. These are nothing, but the chatbots. These chatbots are developed by the artificial intelligence which is running on the website. These are mainly intended to direct the user in exploring the website. Some of the websites which are using these chatbots are Adidas, Pizza Hut, LivPure, eBay, etc. Chatbots, works by using making a conversations between artificial intelligence and Natural language processing (NLP). This will help the user in getting answers to their questions without the need to visit the FAQ section on the website.


With the help of these chatbots, the users can get their question answered in no time. As soon as the user visits any particular website like various shopping websites, or any other browsing website, he or she may land up in some or the other questions like how to navigate to the desired product, all such questions can be answered using chatbots at any time. These chatbots are not concerned about which user is using it, but it just works using the artificial intelligence and answers all the questions of the user. There are various reasons, why chatbots is so important and profitable. Following are some of those reasons

  • It is very much cost-effective, because it serves as a customer care operator. Any user visiting any particular website can explore the website easily with the help of the chatbots, also the surfing of the website can be done to the core, leaving no part of the website uncovered.
  • Chatbots, involves a kind of marketing called conversational marketing, in which the business can be enhanced using better interaction with the customer. Also, the best part is that the user need not be a master in order to use this chatbots, any layman can use this very easily.
  • Chatbots also helps in reducing the time required by the user to reach their desired item on the website, as soon as the user visit any particular website, then he or she can easily get navigated to the desired item, without wasting much time on others.
  • The best part of this chatbots is that it is highly specific and direct. With the interaction using chatbots, the queries of the customer can be directly answered which serves for enhancing the satisfaction of the customer.
  • Chatbots, serves as an personal assistance which makes the customer feel so comfortable in asking the queries and thereby helps the websites to stay strong in this competitive world.

Applications, Apps in short:

In the year 2010, the concept of Apps has come into picture. At the time of its launch, no one was sure of its survival for a long time. But, to the surprise of all, apps turned out to be successful and trendy even after a decade of its introduction. The main reason for its success is that apps are easy to download on a smartphone, which is making it a revolutionary launch of all time. As per the data, provided by Statista, in the year 2017 there were around 197 billion apps downloaded on various mobiles and it has also set a target of reaching 352.9 billion downloads by the year 2021. Though, the various mobile apps has got many benefits, it has also got some disadvantages. Following are some of the disadvantages of using apps


  • One has to note that not all the apps are freely available on play stores. Some require in-app purchases, where as some require direct purchases, some apps are also made freely available yet.
  • There is a chance that the usage of apps may lead to stagnancy and downward trend, because of some issues like UI acclimation, ads popping up while using the apps, signing up issues, etc.
  • The main problem with smartphones these days is the storage. Any app needs some storage space on the device, which can be problematic to the support.
  • When the user can to pay using the app, it is cannot be made direct.


It is obvious that when something new is introduced, it is expected to shade off the existing one. Same like that, when apps has come into picture, it was thought to shade off the usage of website, but in reality both websites and mobile apps were stood strong in the tech competition. In the similar manner, the introduction of chatbots was thought to shade off the usage of apps, but in reality chatbots have got its own mechanisms to get integrated into both websites and apps.



21 Metrics That Matter for Your App in 2018

Building an app is not that easy, it requires lot of efforts, time and money. Even after spending so much efforts, time and money on developing an app, what actually matters to the users is its applicability to them. Also, once an app is developed it is not just sufficient it is also important to keep a check on it upgradation. For these, there are certain things to be considered. These various things can be categorized into four broad categories which are as follows

  1. User Acquisition
  2. App performance
  3. User engagement
  4. Customer satisfaction

Following are some of those things which decides the credibility of an app

  • Active users:

The number of active users of the app determines the success of the any mobile app. It is not just sufficient to download the app, but it is also important that how many users are truly using the app. In order to measure the number of active users, there are so many tools available, each of which work on different parameter. For instance, Google analytics, which work on the session parameter. It depends on how many users are using the app at least for 30 minutes session.

  • Time duration of the session

The time duration of using the app also matters a lot. Just opening the app and shutting it off, means that the app is not so attractive. If at all, the user is using the app for a longer time, then it means that particular app can engage the user to the fullest.

With the help of the latest technology, the app owner can even find out the time duration which the user is using the mobile app and also can get feedbacks from them.

  • App churn

App churn refers to the rate of those users who will download and use the app, but after the usage they will never come the app again. The lower the app churn rate, the higher is the success of the app.

  • App retention

This is absolutely opposite to the app churn, where in, it is the measure of the number of users who will return to the same app within a time period of 30 days. This is more important, because satisfying the users and raising the stickiness of the users to the app determines the success of the app. The app owners can raise the rate of app retention by keeping the app updated with latest technology. The app retention time can be calculated using various tools like Localytics, Fabric, and AWS Mobile Analytics.

  • App Downloads

The number of users downloading app, determines how successful the app is. If the number of users downloading the app is very less, it implies that the app is not able to attract the user. The user’s requirement need to be understood and then the app developers need to design the suitable app which can meet the user’s requirement for the success of the app. There may be many reasons for the less number of app downloads, which may include marketing problems, no proper app store optimization unattractive app story listening, etc.


  • Intervals of the Sessions

This is the measure of the time interval between the user leaving the app and again visiting the app again. If the app has bundle of attractive features, then the users will undoubtedly get attracted to the app and will be returning to the app soon. This can also be measured using various tools like AWS Mobile Analytics and google analytics. This rate can be raised by introducing the number of push notifications.

  • Flow of the screen

This includes the rate of both navigational flow among the various screens and also the number of visits made by the user per screen. The understanding of this screen flow will help in knowing the navigation pattern of the user, problem areas, drop off screens, and conversion road bumps. To enhance this screen flow, one can employ tools like mixpanel, localytics, and google analytics.

  • Reviews on the app stores

Reviews place a vital roles, not only with regard to the apps, but also with respect to each and every product. It’s just like when we buy any particular product, we will check the reviews of it and buy, in a similar fashion, when a user want to download an app, then it is obvious that the user will go through the reviews of the app, then will decide. If the reviews are positive, then the chances of downloading the app are high, whereas if the reviews are negative, that leaves the app owner with the option of rectifying the issue mentioned.

  • Rating of the app

App rates are the direct reflection of what the user fee about the app. This serves as a booster for the new users to download that particular app. There are various tools which can measure the app rating, like AppFigure, Appbot, and many more.

  • In-app Feedback

This is the feature which enables the user with the option of providing the feedback about the app by the user. The best part of this In-app feedback is that the user can provide the feedback without leaving the app. Also, these feedbacks are considered to be very much genuine as these are given by active users of the app. The tools used for diagnosing these In-app feedback are Intercom, Drift, Uservoice, Instabug, etc.

  • Ranking on the app stores

When the number of users searching for a particular app is more, it simple implies that the app is more penetrated into users and many people want to download it. This ranking on the app stores can be enhanced by optimization the app on the app store listing. The various tools which can be employed for this rank analysis are SearchMan, App Annie, appFigures.

  • Net Promoter Scores

Net Promoter Score, NPS refers to the index in the range of 100 to -100 in which the willingness of the users for recommending a particular app to their family and friends is measured. NPS, can be given in terms of scores on a scale of 0 to 10 based on the questions related to their willingness to recommend a particular app.

With the help of these scores, the users can be categorized into three groups

  • Promoters- who will highly recommend the app and their NPS would be 9 or 10
  • Passives- who will recommend the app, only under the condition that, if there is no better option, their NPS would be 7 or 8
  • Detractors- who are not so satisfied with the app and will hesitate to recommend the app, their scores falls in the range of 6 or less.

The simple equation used for measuring the NPS is subtracting the percentage of detractors from promoters. The tools employed for this NPS are Medallia, HelpScout, Drift, and Delighted.

  • App Attribution

In this, the effectiveness of the various marketing strategies can be known, and it refers to the score of the users who want to acquire the app. This can be improved by a technique called deep link technique in which the advertisement page and the desired page can be linked. Tools used for it are Adjust and

  • Viralness

This is a bit similar to NPS, and it also measures the interest of the users in recommending the app to their family and friends. The people are got attracted to this app recommend to others and make other people also to use it. This recommendation is mostly through mouth publicity, hence of cost of acquisition is low. This can be enhanced by encouraging the users for recommending the app by offering incentives like free vouchers, rewards, etc. Tools needed for this are and Buzzsumo. Also, the various social media apps like Instagram, Twitter and facebook also helps to evaluate it.

  • App Abandonment

With the help of this, one can know about the users who are dissatisfied with the app and left the app after their first interaction or sometimes even before signing into app. This helps in knowing the issues which are troubling the users and the app owner can pinpoint the problem and can rectify it. For better signing up process, the app owners can reach the users using deep links and the various tools used are, which can help the user in signing up the process easily and make a trial in improving the user’s overall experience

  • Revenue Targets

This is a check on the amount gained through app over a period of time. This will allow the app owner to set a goal for getting a specific and a realistic revenue from a particular app The various marketing strategies helps in understanding the progress on a weekly or monthly basis.

  • Lifetime Value

Lifetime Value, LTV refers to the total revenue that can be generated from a particular app, before the user abandons it. In order to calculate the profit, the cost per acquisition need to be subtracted from the total amount generated. In order to get good LTV, the main thing which has to be focused is to meet the user’s needs. Also, gathering the feedbacks and offering customer care support will help in improving the app helps in raising LTV.

  • App Crashes

This is an unpleasant event in which the app gets shuts down while the user is still using the app. This problem has to be rectified as soon as possible before the potential users are lost. The best way available to prevent it is to have a vigorous testing of the app during the development of the app. A beta group can be deployed in order to identify the problems and solve it as early as possible. There are so many testing tools available in the market for identifying these problems, one can choose the best suited as per the requirement.

  • Average Revenue per User

The overall revenue of the app is added by the revenue given by individual users. This average revenue refers to the average revenue generated by each user. For calculating the average revenue per user, the total revenue generated can be divided by the number of users. If the revenue from individual users is low and the number of users are high, then the average would be fine.

  • Issues with the Network

Sometimes, the app working can be disturbed by the issues with the network. If the network is not supporting, then it may lead to shut down the app abruptly, landing the user in a displeasing experience. This can be avoided by not allowing the app to fully dependent on network. Tools employed for this are android tools and Xcode. Other tools like OKHttp and Charles Proxy also helps in determining the network connection speed.

  • App Speed

It is obvious that the user expect the app to be fast in its operations. So, in order to deliver the best experience of using the app to the users, it is highly recommended to test for the speed of the app. Also, the speed of the app need to be checked across various operating systems. The various tools which can measure the speed of app are Rollbar, New Relic, APM, etc.


Developing an app is not as difficult as maintaining it. Even after the launch, the job is not done yet. It would be a continuous process of upgrading the mobile app, check the functionalities of the app and checking for it merits and demerits. So, all these various metrics account for the successful running of the app.

10 Security issues app developers

10 Security issues app developers

10 Security issues app developers need to know while developing mobile app

In the world of technology and online platforms, the role of mobile application has increased in converting harder tasks into simpler ones. People of today’s generation love to get advanced features in their mobile apps, and that’s why as an app developer, you should try to develop useful and trustworthy mobile applications. In this similar situation, the mobile app developers have to keep the security concept in their mind, if they want to develop better mobile apps. If your developed app is not perfect when it comes to security then users can refuse to download or use those apps.

Nowadays, the hackers are main threat to your developed mobile apps. They can access personal and important information of the mobile app users and spitefully use it. Therefore, the mobile app developers should concern this main thing while they are developing professional mobile applications. As a developer, you can use advanced security options in your developed mobile app or software, for avoiding the upper-mentioned security issues. If you don’t know much about how you can develop mobile apps with advanced security features then check the following ideas:

  1. Encryption of mobile app data

The mobile app developers will love to prevent unauthorized access of their mobile apps by offering encryption concept in the developing ways of mobile applications. In this matter, you can convert the information or private data of users into code format. This can be an effective way of controlling misuse of your developed applications.

If a hacker wills to access mobile applications, then because of this feature they can’t decrypt the actual information of the mobile app. Hence, it is trustworthy idea to secure your mobile apps from the hackers.

  1. Write a highly secured code

This is one of the main reasons why hackers able to access the data of mobile application due to general formatting of the security codes. So, whenever you are developing any mobile application, prefer to build hard codes. You can build some security codes, which are updateable after its use. It is essential for the app developers to use best quality codes for helping their users to avoid security issues in their apps.


  1. Prefer authorized application program interface

In the building process of your codes, you have to use an authorized application program interface or API. If you don’t use authorized API then hackers can easily access your authentication information and data quickly. The app developers can use central authorization during the building process of their app’s code.

  1. Use libraries carefully

It is also necessary for the app developers to prefer the trustable third party libraries. You have to choose library carefully because some of them are not as trustworthy as you have thought. The developers have to skip use flaws in their library, for not allowing hackers to access their developed apps.

  1. Use high standard Authentication

When you don’t want security issues in your developed apps then it is compulsory for you to use high standard authentication. As a developer, you can design your app having hard security codes written in hard alphanumerical format. This simple step will help the mobile app users to stay away from the threats of hackers.


  1. Stay ready to update your app with latest security features

In the terms of creating a muchsecured app, you always have to be ready to update your developed apps with advanced security features. The procedure of securing your mobile app will never end, so, you have to develop an app which is updateable after its use.

  1. Use trustable methods of solving/writing codes:

As a mobile application developer, you can trust in the methods of writing east security codes because today, the hackers are all prepared for the hard security codes. You can compare the benefits of several cryptography protocols for avoiding the security issues in your app development path.

Today, various companies are serving you advanced feature cryptography protocols, so, it is on you to pick best protocols out of them. In this same case, you can stick on trustable API for getting the perfect methods of writing/solving codes of your developed mobile apps. This is also an important way of securing your app from the threat of hackers.

  1. Unfurl exact gathering handling

You have to unfurl or deploy perfect and peerless gathering handling in the case of developing a much secured mobile application. An experienced mobile app developer knows the value of perfect session management and because of that he/she will try to use sessions during the development procedure of mobile application.

The application developers can enable remote log-off in the situations, where they are finding many security problems in their developed apps.  You will be able to get more users of your mobile app with the help of this crucial point.

  1. Keep user’s convenience always in your mind

It is necessary for the app builders to don’t build unnecessary network connections, while you want to satisfy your customers. The app developers have to keep the convenience of their users always in their mind.  They can’t afford to develop such codes, which are even hard for their users to access.

The code developed by you in mobile app should not be a privilege for everyone. Hackers are always in search of finding privilege in any well-structured mobile application. This simple way can also help the app developers to create a trustworthy mobile app free of security issues.


  1. Prefer professional techniques of developing mobile app

As a mobile app developer, you should have to use professional or well-known techniques for creating codes and better security in your developed mobile application. You can’t afford to use local or already used methods of writing security codes, and in that similar situation, you should try to use trustable methods to build codes in mobile apps.

Therefore, mobile app developers can use the upper-written ideas for making their mobile apps free of security or hackers issues. These top 10 things can help the app developers to build a professional app.

outsource app development

outsource app development

Important Factors That Help Evaluating a Developer for Your App Development Project

In the past few years, the mobile apps business has been growing exceptionally day after day. Today, the mobile apps have become basic needs of every person. Whether you want to buy something or sell something, mobile apps can save your time and money all together. This is really great news for the mobile app developers that this industry will keep on growing in upcoming years. The business owners have started to develop their own mobile app, for helping their customers to use their services. Hence, opportunities of getting more profits will be there for the mobile app developers.

If you are also looking to develop any mobile app then it is necessary for you to keep some general talks of mobile app development in your mind. A perfectly developed and designed app will help the users in various situations. When you want to see unmatched results of mobile app development process then it is must for you to use outsourcing mobile app development.

It is necessary for the business owners to develop a mobile app with the help of outsourcing, which has developed correctly. Here are some important talks to remember before selecting the outsourcing app development:


Check several versions of the mobile application 

You have to check the versions of mobile app before start to download them. In that same situation, you can suggest something important to the mobile app developers. Professional app developer will love to provide you perfectness in their developed apps. It can be difficult for you find perfect app developer but comparison of some talks can help you to choose admirable developer. You can’t afford to take faster decision of choosing app developers.

As a customer, you have to take your time when you are looking to get the services of professional mobile app developers. This concept of checking the versions of mobile app can help you to use the latest and valuable version in your mobile apps.

Make better communication with your app developer

When you and your app developer are on the same page of app development then better communication is required between both of you. At this stage, you can tell your app developer about your desires and budget, and similarly app developer can tell you about expectations.


You can make the essential changes in features and modules of mobile apps. In this case, app developer will allow you to tell your remaining demands about the developing app. You have to establish better communication with your app developer, when you don’t want to face any kind of issues during the mobile app development procedure.

Check out services offered by app developer

This is another essential thing for the users when they are all set to hire any app developer. You have to check the list of services offered by different app developer and according to your need you can select the best one. You have to hire any developer, who is going to take more interest in this project of app development.

You can also take some consultations from the experts of this same line, when you have more confusion in your mind. You can ask the questions which are making doubt in your mind along with taking their suggestions to get a well-structure mobile app. The project manager you want to select should have the experience and brilliant communication skills. This will help you to make a friendly bond with your app developer.

Find a well-matched app developer

It is important for you to find a well-matched app developer when you don’t want to face any kind of issues in the app development procedure. You have to prefer any reliable app developer, who has a name in this same field of mobile app development. In this situation, you will want to hire any developer which can meet your requirements, working style and other things easily.



You have to make sure that app developer you have choose is not fake means he/she have the required experience in this same line. You can globally search for the best app developer without any hesitation. Comparison of reviews given by the existing users to any app developer can also help you to pick out the best app builder. For taking trustworthy services of app development you should compare various features of a professional app builder.

Choose app developer who understands your requirement

You can prefer any app builder, who can easily understand your requirements. In that similar situation, you can collect some information about the features and services offered by app developer. You will love to choose the best app developer who can understand your desires easily. Here are some important things which can help you:

  • Tell your app developer about your requirements and desires
  • You can ask app developer to serve app monetization and UX/UI design like services
  • Time required to complete the app development project
  • Exact budget of project
  • Tell app developer about the type of app you want to get
  • You can ask the app developer to add some features according to your desire
  • A short outline of your project

Therefore, you can use these upper listed talks when you want to choose best app developer. If any app developer can fulfill the upper-mentioned desires then without any hesitation you can pick them.

The estimated cost of app development project

After collecting information about the app development ideas, next thing you have to keep in your mind is the estimated cost of that app development project.  If you will estimate your budget before starting to get the services of app developer, then without any doubt you can prepare a budget friendly outline of your app development project.

You can ask your app builder to tell about payment options along with telling you about the total expanse. In this situation, the comparison of several services offered by app developer can help you to choose the professional app builder. Hence, whenever you start up the process of app development, you should remember all these upper listed talks.

7 Things Must Know Continuous Integration

Continuous Integration, which in short abbreviated as CI, is an Automation Technique. Automation Techniques are those techniques which are used in substitution for the manual. In other words, Continuous Integration, CI are techniques which reduces the human efforts and enforce consistency for a better quality output.

How does CI Work

Continuous Integration, CI is an agile process where the developers of this program need to integrate codes into a repository many times in a day. After the integration of the code, the automated build is established which is then verified at each of the check-ins. Unlike, the integration of the code at the end of the developmental cycle, in this CI the codes are integrated, as soon as it is build. This kind of immediate integration helps to detect the errors fast. The entire process of product development, the CI process is involved.

Various Important Aspects of CI


  • Fixing the Bad Code is Carried Out by CI

It is a routine practice that the developers who is involved in the coding need to made some changes to the application. These frequent changes are required for the application for an effective running of the app after the integration of the code.  Every developer working on CI , has to do these small and frequent app development changes.  The best part is that, the problems are solved, before the onset of the another code, which is integrated by the second developer. There would not be any overlapping of the codes integrated by each developer. The developers working on this process focuses on building the code without any break at any point. If anything is seems to be going wrong, the developer need to get it back on track.

  • CI process are made for Specific Build Attributes

CI process will help in attributing a specific feature required by the user to the build. For instance, if the stake holder wants the security of the system to be the primary goal, then the build server is configured in such a way that it runs against a comprehensive suite related to the various security tests. Or in other instance, if the performance of the build is of prime concern, then the build serve is configured to run the automated performance tests for checking the speed of operation. If the build, fails in any of the concerns, then the CI will ensure that the desired attribute is imparted.

  • The Entire Process is made Continuous

In the entire CI process, Integration, Delivery and Deployment is continuous. Talking about the delivery, it is an extension of the integration and is automated. This automated continuous delivery system makes it possible to deploy the codes at any time. The codes are continuously delivered to the user base where it is subjected to QA. The release of software is a routine practice because the code base is in deployable state at all the time. All these process of requires a proper infrastructure that can help in rollback of the new deployed features.


  • Early Detection of the Problem

The best part of the CI, is that keeps the health of the software on check. In other words, the risk of software failure can be minimized. When some new codes and fix bugs the codebase which is in a state of flux. The system is not stabilized. In such case, the software would turn a failure, if the actual reason for the failure is not detected. But with the help of the CI, all the errors can be detected at the early stages. This will help the developer to fix the errors easily.

  • CI helps in building Confidence in the developer

The usage of CI in the organization, helps in getting the desired output as expected without any interruptions. This helps in building confidence in the developer. It is obvious because, when the efforts turn out fruitful, it encourages the developer. In each project, the developer will be known with build and the tests run with the coding standards adher to the product,this entire activity is expected both by the client and the developer. When the expectations are met, it make the people involved proud.


  • CI uses Robust Test Suites

All the tests which are being run in the CI are carried out using the robust test suites. The developer ,integrates a code and process es the automated system and then will build the new code. In this process, the errors, if any errors are detected, they are constantly fixed. This suites will help in improving the quality of the build.

  • With the help of CI, the Build Server is kept Independent

The minimal mistakes in the CI are mainly due to the simplified developer’s workflow. The codes are checked constantly with the help of the software, so that the process happens as expected. Simultaneously, the mistakes or the errors are caught and are processed accordingly. The app developer need no manually deploy the product, as the product is deployed in an automated system.



Kotlin – The Preferred Programming for Developers

Now days, people are very much become dependable on machines. The most common machine among people is computer and mobiles. To use good programming language in these machines is very much compulsory and Kotlin is one of the most preferred programming languages for developers.

Kotlin is very unique programming language that can be helpful for building modern multi platform applications. In reality, this language is used to develop application for native environment, browser, java Virtual Machine in fact for Android operating system also.

Java was used as primarily language for Android app development but Kotlin replaced java when it came to existence. There is no denying that java is one of the best choices of development as several Java Virtual Machines have impressed the developers but Kotlin is that programming language which is leading in the race where several other programming language also participating.

Why `Kotlin` should be very developer’s Choice?

The developers who are now using Kotlin rather than java can have the perfect answer of this question. They can easily say that Kotlin is better than java in many ways. The companies who want to make new and unique applications are now using Kotlin programming only. This programming language is easy to understand and have realistic nature which is totally satisfying the developers and thus become their best choice. Further features of Kotlin are there in this article that will explain why Kotlin is best programming language for developers.


The best advantage of Kotlin programming language is that it is 100% Interoperable with java which means that developers can keep on working on their java based projects with Kotlin. This programming language is very unique and very flexible as it allows developers to use any kind of framework while writing.

Familiar Syntax

Kotlin is not so hard language to understand for common person also. Although it is not so different from java but it has many good features that java is not containing. It is very much comfortable and not wired to any developer to use Kotlin.

Less Coding

Every programming language is different in its own manner but when Kotlin is compared with java, Kotlin is that programming language which needs less lines of coding to execute the same function. If we take a rough estimation then Kotlin needs almost 20% less coding than java.

Learning is Easy

Programmers do not want to waste their lot of time in understanding and learning new programming language and Kotlin provides them the same facility as this language is easy to learn. This language is easy to learn because of another reason that is, this language is very much same as java language. This language has gentle curve of learning and can be easily learn in few hours. The code of  this programming language is very much readable which saves lot of time of developers while making any new application.


Safety is the most important thing which strikes in the mind of developers while using any kind of programming language and Kotlin is very much safe to use. It has some very good safety measures. Developers can avoid errors of NullPointExceptions by using Kotlin. This programming language complier auto casts mistakes also. By using this language, developers need not to take any kind of stress of operating on nullable types.

Free to use

If you talk about to buy any new thing, you don’t want to spend extra on that. If you want to use this programming language you don’t need to spend extra money as this is an open source language and developers can easily start it by using Java-to-Kotlin converter device that converts existing java files to Kotlin. This device does not take much time to convert the complex code into simpler one also. This tool is easily available also.

Tool- friendly

One of the major reason that Kotlin becomes as most preferred programming language among all developers across the world is that it is tool friendly which means that they (developers) can select any java based integrated environment (IDE) or build with any command line. The nature of this programming language is very attractive and can be easily start without any additional efforts.

Power of Open source

This programming language always been an Open Source project and you can easily put Kotlin in a non-profit foundation. The power of open source helps to create a strong ecosystem and this programming language is not limited to one company only. It encourages the open developer ecosystem while growing the Android platform.

What happened to other languages?

Now days, Android operating system uses Kotlin as their Official language. Though, existing language are also being stronger with the latest versions of Android and Android Studio. For example, Android O can be used for Java 8 libraries. There are lots of improving in C++ language such as enhancing in performance of profiling tools and APK debugging tools to provide a new and fantastic experience.


Is Kotlin support Intellij IDEA, Eclipse or Netbeans?

The answer of this question is absolutely YES. Android Studio is built on Intellij IDEA, an IDE built by JetBrains, actually this is the same company behind the Kotlin. The team of JetBrains made the Kotlin in that manner that can work with Intellij IDEA easily. If you talk about android studio 3.0, tooling support for Kotlin is already bundled into Android Studio. The main target of this programming language is to available on multiple platforms and also support for other IDEs also continues as before.


Kotlin is a most preferred programming language for developers which is developed by JetBrains that comes with high in fact top rated Android Studio Support. FuGenX Technologies, one of the most popular and leading Mobile app Development Company thinks and also believes that this (Kotlin) programming language will surely take the apps of Android to much greater height. It is very much easy to use, learning curve is not too hard, safe to use.

If you want to have new application with unique style, you should use “KOTLIN”.



Impact of IoT on Manufacturing, Energy and Logistics Industries

IoT is essentially shaping the way we do business. IoT is the main component of industrial transmutation across the globe as it combines the Industrial Internet with the Industrial Internet Consortium and the including Industry 4.0 with its fourth industrial revolution.

In this article, we will put our focus on the basics of IoT and then discuss some of the industries that are disrupted by the technology. But before that let’s find out what is IoT?

What is IoT?

IoT stands for Internet of Things. It is the system of physical objects that carry embedded technology to transmit and sense or interact with their internal states or the external environment. In simple language, it means that all the devices around us can stay connected to the internet and with each other to facilitate automation, capture more data, and remotely control devices and jobs. Usually, IoT devices include sensors, smart locks, smart bulbs, lighting and many other embedded systems.

Impact of IoT in Manufacturing

By implementing the Internet of Things, workflow, processes and operations in the manufacturing industry have been optimized for the better efficiency. By taking advantage of the automation power of IoT and merging it with data, insights, intelligence and analytics, various devices are programmed to work regularly and deliver output products on an assembly line.


Detecting the malfunctioning of devices can become possible at an early stage as IoT system in manufacturing collects all the real-time data on the state of the system. In case of any device crash, the users connected to that device gets notified, which in turn start using other devices that run on the same smart technology powered for recovery after the crash. All this has obtained the theory of “smart factory”, which was just a thought a few years ago. According to the survey performed by The Atlantic, 66% of industrial manufacturing corporations have an effective smart factory initiative. One of the most applicable applications of the IoT technology in the manufacturing industry is to use the IoT to improve the customer experience.

Other than that these devices are able to exchange data with analytics applications that can develop and emphasise workflows and processes. With the help of information and the data obtained by IoT devices will enable us to make the insight that was never possible before.

Impact of IoT in Energy Efficiency

The energy sector is quite benefitted with the application of IoT technology. One of the various uses of the Internet of Things involves the installation of smart electricity meters. The perfect, precise and granular recounting of energy consumption by smart meters has benefited customers to keep track of real-time power consumption. Now customers can also get insights on which device is using more power, at what time the maximum energy is being used and how to optimize the overall energy consumption.

Smart meters allow electricity companies to charge customers more efficiently and precisely as per the power consumed by them. Other than that these smart meters also let the electricity companies to keeping a track of the total amount of energy consumed by customer who uses the green technologies and allow it to be credited back for incentivizing the use of environmentally friendly form of energy. The possible applications of the IoT in the energy efficiency business are very vast, particularly for the end-users and integrators there are a various way this technology can be used. With the help of IoT in the energy sector now end users can measure, check the consumption. They can also quickly adapt to their installation according to the expectations of the business, the charges of the raw supplies or the energy prices. For energy efficiency system, IoT will develop their ability to address consumer needs, quickly decreasing the time for integration. Energy providing businesses will develop the maintainability of the systems via a remotely controlled system that can make the diagnostic and fix capability of products remotely.

Impact of IoT in Logistics & Supply Chain Management

Radio Frequency Identification or RFID is the technology that is used by the logistics and supply chain industries since very long. However, with the appearance of IoT the logistics industry has been transformed to its core. Simply by reading the tags via scanning, now with the implementation of IoT logistics can reach the growing need of consumers.


The modern advancement that makes the RFID smarter allows the individual devices or products to be tracked in real time. With the help of this IoT technology now businesses can provide the expiration dates on perishables. Now with the implementation of IoT in logistic and supply chain businesses, they can deliver the fragile products. As IoT helps the logistics services to beware of the weather condition that is required to deliver the peripheral. All these IoT enabled smart systems allow the near-real-time tracking and updates to the warehouse and tracking systems. IoT helps the logistics and supply chain industries to include an automated system that us transparent as well and both the customer and the provider can keep the track of their product in near real-time.

With the implementation of embedded systems and the affability of IoT technology industries are finding it easy to automate their processes and operations. The best thing about this new modern technology is that there are no limits to its application. Different business can find different benefits from the IoT technology. Pre-installed IoT systems are helping numerous startups and medium-sized businesses to become automated easily and also helps by improving the analytics and data processing.

Because of its flexibility and several benefits, IoT technology will attract the more industries all of the different fields to get ahead in the market. IoT technology is a connection that brings out more innovations in the various sectors in the coming years. With this technology developing and merging it with the other emerging technologies such as (A.I.) Artificial Intelligence, industries are gaining more benefits and more profit that is helping the businesses to stay at the edge of competition.

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