Artificial Intelligence for FMCG

Customer Engagement and Personalized Advertisement are Made Easy with AI

Many world’s leading FMCG and CPG brands today are increasingly ardent to adopt AI to offer a differentiating customer experience and achieve a first-mover advantage. But on the other hand, some are still inherently more reliant on old-fashioned models like shelf space and end caps in markets to achieve a competitive advantage. Today from AI voice-activated virtual assistant to A-powered advertisement, artificial intelligence is penetrating every area of FMCG. These tangible benefits are enabling FMCG companies to achieve an easy first-mover advantage at an unprecedented rate.

At FuGenX, we offer the world’s most innovative, cutting-edge AI solutions for FMCG and CPG brands globally.

Our Artificial Intelligence Offerings

ShelfPoint Integration

We help you integrate the shelfPoint monitoring and information gathering systems into shelf space and product displays in retail outlets. The shelfPoint integration is focused on to use AI-capable hardware and software to provide you with much-needed consumer data. The benefits it offers include:

  • Optimization of the existing predictive analytics platform
  • Real-time information on product movement
  • Demand forecasting to optimize advertising campaigns
  • Ability to react to sudden changes in FMCG consumer trends and preferences

AI-based Customer Engagement System

FuGenX helps you develop an advanced AI-based customer engagement system. The system offers you the following tangible benefits:

  • Increased customer engagement level and interest in products
  • The system allows users to send product requests and general questions regarding the use of products
  • With an ability to interpret natural language, the system can better understand customer queries rather than just being dependant on a mere keyword search

AI-powered Advertisement

AI-powered algorithms we build help you build better advertising campaigns that you never dreamt. How it works?

  • Personalization of advertising and product offerings being powered by insights gained from data that is gathered from every single conversation with a customer

Who We Are

FuGenX Technologies is a global artificial intelligence company, offering cutting-edge AI services and solutions for leading FMCG and CPG companies in in Chantilly, Virginia, Dallas, Texas, USA, Bangalore, Hyderabad, India and for the global market. With the proven expertise in big data and artificial intelligence, FuGenX can offer the most-sought after AI solutions that you ever wanted.

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