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Today a majority of forward-thinking financial institutions worldwide are having ambitious plans to integrate artificial intelligence and machine learning into their both customer-facing and non-customer-facing operations to achieve a competitive advantage. In their effort, they are able to see significant improvements in both operation areas, with the reduced costs and increased operational efficiency.

At FuGenX, we offer cutting-edge AI services and solutions for leading banks and financial institutions globally that enable them to achieve a sheer competitive advantage across all key operational areas. We have expert data scientists, machine learning, deep learning and AI experts, and industry experts to offer you tailor-made banking AI solutions.

Our AI Offerings for BFSI

Fraud Prevention Solution

Our AI solutions for fraud prevention, driven by adaptive learning, and key stroke dynamics models, etc., help you actively and intelligently monitor, analyze, detect and prevent attempted fraud breaches and stay a step ahead of the rising global threat of payments fraud. Our solutions work across various payment systems including SWIFT, RTGS and Wire Payments with the following actions:

  • Real-time monitoring and alerting
  • Rule based configuration
  • Adaptation of required actions using machine learning
  • Unusual pattern detection
  • Duplicate checking
  • Scanning and profiling of customers/vendors/correspondents

Chatbot Development

We develop intelligent banking bots for Facebook Messenger, Slack and other trending platforms that provide users convenient access to their financial information on demand. With natural language processing and fast response power that that can have, banking bots can provide them fast insights about their money. Delivering streamlined, contextual banking experience to all of your customers is truly possible with FuGenX’s banking chatbot development.

Our Other Major AI Offerings for BFSI

  • Intelligent virtual assistant
  • AI-powered Wealth Management Solution
  • AI-powered Personal Financial Management

Who We Are

FuGenX Technologies is a global Artificial Intelligence company, offering cutting-edge AI services and solutions for banking and financial institutions in Dallas, Texas, Chantilly, Virginia, USA, Bangalore, Hyderabad, India and for the global market.

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