Everything You Need to Know About BaaS!


BaaS is now one of the fastest growing delivery platforms for cloud services. Today it is a part of mobile development trends that will continue to increase in popularity in the coming years. Let’s see what is BaaS.

What is BAAS?

BaaS, also called as mBaaS (mobile Backend as a Service) is a cloud computing service model that allows developers to setup, use and operate a cloud backend for their mobile and web apps. This is an extreme need for app developers as today most apps require a web connected backend. BaaS enables developers to manage a centralized database that lets the app users share content via the cloud. Few years back the things were different, the developers would need to develop their own backend using a server-side technology such as Ruby or PHP that would pose multiple challenges for developers like difficult to scale and needed a special set of resources and skills. But BAAS removes all those barriers in building the blackened.

How BaaS or BaaS provider benefits apps?


As we all know it is difficult to estimate the growing user base of your app before launching the app. So you need a backend that scales effectively as your users grows. This is where BaaS comes to your help. BaaS provides a platform with backend storage and a set of other useful functions. iOS library coming with most BaaS platforms ensure smooth integration of the content. Some common features that most of the BaaS platforms support are push notifications, user management, file storage, geolocation and ability to store custom objects.

Top 4 BaaS platforms in the market


Kumulos offers a wide variety of features for developers to develop, deploy and optimise apps. It is helpful for both small app development agencies and big app development companies. Kumulos supports iOS, OSX, PHP and Android.


Kinvey is one of the best BaaS platforms for enterprise mobile apps. Kinvey help enterprises with following benefits:
• Abstract and speed up high latency legacy systems via reusable services
• Implement policies and controls for identity and access management
• Enable end-to-end data and token security and compliance
• Achieve enterprise-level SLAs on robust cloud-native infrastructure


AnyPresence is an enterprise centred mBaaS platform. It helps enterprises get their apps to market quickly using a scalable backend. AnyPresence encompasses a set of features, including development tools, backend services and an API gateway. Its dashboard can be accessed through most of the browsers.


Kii Cloud is owned by Servo Software of Santa Clara and Synclore Corporation of Tokyo together. As a leading mBaaS platform, Kii holds around 25 million end users. Kii helps to create scalable, high performance mobile apps for various operating systems. With a complete set of built-in development tools, Kii reduce app development time significantly.


Sencha, Parse and Built.io are some other major BaaS platforms in the market that are also equally capable to provide robust backend for your mobile app. Choosing the right BaaS platform will depend on your project requirements such as features you need and budget constraint.

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