Step-by-Step Guide to Make Money from Your Free Android App through AdMob In-App Advertising

Step-by-Step Guide to Make Money from Your Free Android App through AdMob In-App Advertising


In our one of the previous articles, we gave a set of ideas about making money from a free mobile app, where we highlighted the type of monetization strategies you can build and the type of adds you can prefer. In this article, we’re bringing you a step by step guide to make money from your free Android app through AdMob in-app advertising, so it applies even you’ve a product-oriented app or service-oriented app, or just a game. Whether your app mimics OLX or any news app, the guide we’re providing will help you understand the current ad-based app monetization trends and make the maximum out of your Android app.

Register to AdMob

AdMob is the official ad platform for Android apps. It allows mobile app developers (or owners) to monetize their applications by enabling in-app advertising. It also provides them intelligent insights through Google Analytics.

AdMob is even available for iOS platform, with support for Unity and Cocos gaming engines.

In order to add your Android app to AdMob, follow the following steps:

(Note: Before adding the app to AdMob, make sure you’ve published your app to the Android Market. The publishing can be done at

1. Visit the AdMob website at Sign in using your Google credentials.
2. Click the “Add your first app” button.
3. Click the “Android App” button.
4. Enter the app information that you got from the Android Market, including the Market URL for the app, its name and description. Click “continue” after entering the details.
5. Copy the code provided by AdMob and paste it into your Android app’s source code. Re-publish your app in to the Android Market. Users who download your app or update the existing app will be shown ads. You’ll start earning money depending on the number of app downloads happen through your app or the number of impressions.

Tips to Make Maximum Money from In-App Advertising

1. Attract users: Unless until you don’t have a sufficient number of downloads, you can’t expect your app to draw more. You have to market your app well, through blog articles, app review sites, social media or through ASO (App Store Optimization).

2. Engage users through push notifications: Push notification is one of the best ways to make users regularly check what is hot in the app. So, push attractive notifications in regular intervals to get them hooked to the app.

3. Attractive UI and content: Compelling UI and content is one of the key factors that attract advertisers to choose your app over others.

Attractive UI and content-FuGenX

4. Use the right ad formats: Banner ads can showcase complete details of the ad, but in users viewpoint, it is not a pleasing way. Instead, set ad formats which are well embedded within the content or less occupy the screen space, such as videos and full-screen interstitials that appear during the natural breaks immediately after the completion of a game level or completion of the task (in case of photo editing app or similar app).


In the app world, a majority of apps are relied on in-app advertising for revenue. So if you set right strategies, you’ll definitely have possibilities to build an app that is worth of millions.

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