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What is Fx mChat?

Fx mChat is a customizable cross-platform social chat app solution running on the mobile platform, used to increase business performance by enhancing the personal interaction experience.

Fx mChat – Setting the future trend

WhatsApp, a trend setter in social chat app category, that everybody knows. Instant messaging, video and audio sharing, voice calling, group-chatting, photo capturing and sharing are the typical features that made WhatsApp a globally recognized app.

Fx mChat is similar to WhatsApp, Line and Hike apps. But when comes to its features, Fx mChat stands as the king of future social chat apps.

Fx mChat Solutions
fx chat solution

How different Fx mChat solution from WhatsApp and other social chat apps?

Fx mChat includes all the features that WhatsApp include, but that is not just autotype, rather that autotype got advanced. Fx mChat has come up with future features of chat apps such as:

Meet-up functionality

Fx mChat enables users to find their friends (Fx mChat users) who are around their Geo-location through maps and helps to meet them.

Video Calling

Fx mChat allows users to have direct face to face interaction with other Fx mChat users with highly advanced video calling feature.

Language Compatibility

Fx mChat user can send messages in his preferred language and the person who receives message can read the message in his preferred language or same language. Fx mChat supports all the major national and international language translations.


Fx mChat is thoroughly a flexible app solution for increasing demand, as the user count increased, the app gets strengthened to handle the activity of a large number of users.

Double-Fold Security

When millions people using apps, ensuring adequate security across multiple platforms is really a big challenge. Fx mChat comes up with double-fold security, which is capable of securing data of millions of users.

Country Specific features

Fx mChat offers country specific feature that user from specific country can find and interact only with person from that country.

Shake app to discover friends

Shake feature in Fx mChat helps users to find and connect with new friends locally or globally. Just select shake option and shake your device.

What other unique features Fx mChat include?

• Wall posting
• Advertisement
• Wallet points

Who can be benefited from Fx mChat?

Fx mChat solution could be equally and greatly helpful for both consumers and businesses. Consumers are using Fx mChat means businesses are benefiting from Fx mChat

For E-commerce businesses

As an e-commerce business owner, you can use Fx mChat as a powerful customer support tool to enhance user experience. Whether that is checking product availability, making purchases or redemption of vouchers, customers can get instant and F2F support using Fx mChat.

If your support is instant and F2F, the decision customers will take also be quick. Retailers, electronic stores and travel companies can make use the most of Fx mChat to bring their business to the next level.

For Enterprises

Enterprise apps that have already made a big difference in the work productivity of enterprises. Now it is time to adapt chat solution in enterprise apps. Security is the biggest concern in enterprises work process, we know it. Fx mChat enables employees to exchange information instantly and in a secured way.

How Fx mChat is unique from other social chat apps to use in the enterprises?
• Double fold security
• Easiest and quickest access of data
• Language compatibility, both national and international

Fx mChat Solution

For Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Customer is the real asset of any business. A short delay can make him gets upset. By integrating Fx mChat solution in CRM application, as a business owner, you can support your customers instantly with an accurate solution.

If your customer is unable to understand your solution, you can support him with FX mChat video calling facility, which can double his experience and his trust on you. Fx mChat solution can also be used to build or integrate into apps like Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter. Whatever the industry you’re in, Fx mChat can be customized to serve your specific requirement and set a competitive edge for your business.

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