Test Automation:

FuGenX, a business application development company is stepped into test automation for software testing. FuGenX stands unique in the market with its usage of specific tools and techniques to control the execution of tests and carryout audit along with the comparison of actual outcomes. By some automated and manual tests, few repetitive but necessary tasks in an existing formalized testing process. We also complete testing requirements which is difficult to be carried out manually.

Our approach!

We optimize entire testing process, in accordance to the intense of interface we choose our approach. There exists extensively low interface regression testing required which is definitely laborious and time consuming to be done manually. We offer best approach for such applications resulting in effective solutions in less time. Our approaches are code driven testing dedicated for public interfaces to classes, modules are tested with variety of inputs, graphical user interface testing in which testing framework generates user interface events such as keystrokes, mouse clicks etc… and the last one being API driven testing in which testing frame work uses programming interface of application to validate.

Why FuGenX?

We offer testing tools with best approaches and latest techniques. Testing tools will help in automating various tasks like product installation, test data creation, GUI interaction, problem detection, defect logging, etc., without necessarily automating tests in an end-to-end fashion. We satisfy popular requirements for test automation like platform and OS independence, data (input, output and media), customization reporting, easy debugging, version control etc. Thus FuGenX offers a complete package where one can look out for at affordable price, user friendly testing services along with the best services