UI and UX Design in Mobile App

UI (User Interface) Design:

UI Design in mobile app refers the easy and attractive design of mobile app screen and other elements that user interfaces and interacts. Other elements include keyboard, touch, illuminated characters, and help messages. UI Design also includes how an app invites for interaction and responds to it. Example: replying quickly, in slow motion or stylishly, to the user action.

The goal of user interface is to maximize the user experience, by making the user’s interaction with the app as simple and effective as possible.

UX (User Experience) Design:

UX Design in mobile app refers enriching user satisfaction by enhancing the usability, ease of access, and delight provided in the interaction between the user and the app. For instance, a user transfers money through banking app, if he won’t be provided with a notification or receipt regarding the successful transfer of money, he feels suspicious about the app, which leaves a bad user experience.

The term ease of access in UX Design means the navigation between pages or jumping from one page to another page. UI app Design is a part of UX Design.


Major Tools and Technologies Used in UI/UX Design

  • Pidoco
  • io
  • Firefly
  • InVision
  • AppCooker
  • Pickfu
  • Antetype
  • Ace UI
  • HeatData

Why UI and UX Design?

  • First impression is the best impression. If your mobile app is not impressive at first look or not easy to use, users might uninstall the app immediately after the first use. Because they have hundreds of app options. So engaging UI design is key in engaging the users.
  • Enhanced user experience is key to bring repeated customers. As said above, if the customer won’t be provided with a notification at the completion of action or process, he might feel suspicious about both the app and organization. So thoughtful UX design is key in building loyal user base.

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