Mobile Web App Development

Web app development defines the process of developing an app that can run on web browser that can be accessed through mobile browser. It is built using server-side or client-side processing (e.g. JavaScript) to deliver an “application-like” experience.

Mobile web app is similar to a mobile website, but looks and feels like a native application (mobile app). That is typically written in HTML5 and run on a web browser. For example,


Major Tools and Technologies Used in Mobile Web App Development:

  • JavaScript
  • CSS
  • HTML5

Pros of Mobile Web App Development:

  • Mobile web app development is cheaper than mobile app (native mobile app)
  • Web apps are designed once for every platform
  • User can bookmark web app to use again like web page

Cons of Mobile Web App Development:

  • Requires internet to work
  • Slower and less intuitive compared to native mobile app
  • You can’t send notifications to engage users
  • Web apps are not available at the app stores

Which to Choose – Mobile App or Web App?

It all depends on your requirement. If your app development requirement is just to give information and your budget is low, then you can go with web app. If you want to build a loyal user-base or repeated customers base, then you can go with native app (mobile app).

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