How Much Does Big Basket like App Cost?

Overview of Big Basket:

Big Basket is the largest online super market in India, which sells mainly food products including grocery, staples, vegetables, fruits and beverages from over 14,000 products and 1000 brands. Founded in December 2011, Big Basket today is worth of thousands of crores, which is enabled by its customer-centric services through digital platform, and a series of funding by a group of global venture capital firms. As a trend setter, Big Basket has been an inspiration for hundreds of e-commerce ventures to follow it.

FuGenX, a global mobile app development company in India, developed innovative Online Grocery app for Big Basket to easily sell products on mobile platform. With a proven experience in developing successful Big Basket app, FuGenX helps aspiring e-commerce ventures to build Big Basket like app with innovative features.

Key Features of Big Basket App:
  • User location tracking, which enables sellers easily inform buyers about the product delivery date, and buyers to know product delivery date, before ordering the product
  • My Basket feature allows buyers check the products that they had added to the cart earlier
  • Smart Basket, which automatically includes products that buyers shop for most often
  • Secure payment options, including debit and card payments, Cash on Delivery and BigBasket Wallet
Big Basket App Cost
Factors that decide Big Basket like app Cost?

Big Basket app comes under database (data-driven) app category, which is comparatively expensive than simple app or basic functionality app. Other major app categories include completely dynamic app, and custom utility app. The major factors that measure Big Basket like app cost are:

App Design:

This you can’t ignore when developing Big Basket like app. To engage buyers and to inspire them to buy more products, engaging UI/UX design is vital. Engaging design needs relatively increased cost.

App Platform (Android, iOS (iPhone & iPad), Blackberry, or Windows):

This is another factor that directly impacts your app cost. Generally, developing an app on iOS platform is comparatively cheaper than that on Android, which is because the lines of code to be written and the hours of work has to be done is less for iOS than Android.

App Size:

Features and functionality are the key elements that measure the size of the app. So by giving preference to core features and functionalities first, the cost burden can be reduced.

How much FuGenX charges to develop Big Basket like app?
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