How much does an app like Ola Cost?

About Ola:

Ola is an emerging platform based Indian transportation network company. Headquartered in Bangalore, Ola is considered as one of the fastest growing startup ventures in India. Its network has been expanded to over 85 cities with more than 200,000 cars and around 7000 employees. Apart from car rental services, Ola also provides auto services that can be booked through the same mobile app used to book Ola cars.

Today, the company’s value is more than $5 billion. Ola also bagged the Startup of The Year award in Economic Times Startup Awards 2015. Being an iconic business venture in India, Ola is an inspiration for many startup ventures in India to start like this platform based business. So there is an increased demand for Ola like app development, which has raised its cost.

FuGenX, a global mobile app development company in India and USA, helps startup ventures to develop Ola like app with innovative and highly advanced features.

Ola App:

Ola offers two sides of applications, one is to passenger to choose ride, and another is to driver to accept the requested ride. Once the ride is chosen by passenger from his/her location, the drivers nearby will get intimation through their app. The ride accepted driver will pick passenger up from his location and at the end of the ride, the passenger will pay for the ride through cash or cashless options. Ola supports both cash, and cashless payment options with Ola money, credit and debit cards.


Key Features of Ola App:
  • 5 types of cars to choose between – Mini, Share, Sedan, Prime, and Taxi for Sure
  • My Rides, which shows the history of passenger rides that he has taken before
  • Ola café, an innovative feature, which allows people to book food from nearby restaurants
  • Option to download Ola Store app, which people can use to book groceries at anytime, anywhere
Real development cost of Ola like app:

The cost of Ola like app depends on the following factors::

App Design:

To achieve the user attention, attractive and easy app design plays an important role in the success of Ola like app.

App Platform (Android, iOS (iPhone & iPad), BlackBerry, or Windows):

App development cost differs from platform to platform.

App Size:

App size refers the total number of features and functionalities that the app does have.

Driver App:

Driver app includes features and functionalities like signup, sign in, and the access to the ride requested passenger name, image, rating, distance, pick-up, and drop-off points, and chat window to interact with them.

How much FuGenX costs to develop Ola like app?
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