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Bizzalley – Communication App

Bizzalley is a free communication app available for Android and iOS which brings customers closer to businesses and businesses closer to the customers. New, user-friendly interface which makes communication between the customers and businesses easy.

A unique one of a kind app which allows you to switch roles as a customer as well as a business. Businesses can Create Profile, Receive orders, Publish offers, Chat, Socialize, Share location and much more…

Customers can Call, Enquire, Order, Receive offers, Upload bills, Rate, Review, Send attachments, Share location and much more.

For Businesses:

Create Profile: Pictures speak louder than words. Add images to your profile to attract more customers.
Chat : Communicate with your customer with one of a kind chatting system which allows you to answer your customers queries.
Share Location: Let your customers know your location by sharing it.
Reviews: Reply to the feedback of your customers and make them happy.
Online/Offline : Let your customers know when you are ready to take orders.
Missed Orders : Know if you have missed any orders from your customers.
Home Delivery : Tell your customers if you home deliver.
Switch Roles: Now get a chance to experience the selling and buying experience all on one platform. Switch roles between retailer and a customer as you like.
View Customer profile: Know your customers better.
Offers: Push offers and promotions to customers in and around you.

For Customers:

Call: Call from a list of trusted, businesses around you that can help you with your needs.
Chat: A unique feature which lets you communicate with businesses free of cost through a messaging system. No more hearing those busy tones again.
Offers: Know who is running special offers and promotions around you.
GPS based results: Your friend in need and a friend indeed that tells you about the various stores and services around you.
Rate & Review: Rate and review businesses based on your experiences.
Upload Bill: No more storing paper bills just upload and save your bills for future references.
Order Form: A pre designed order form that lets you order from your favourite store.
Recommend: Recommend your favourite stores to your friends with just the click of a button.
Share Location: Share your location and let the stores home deliver it to you.

So go ahead and download Bizzalley app today.

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