How Businesses Can Better Target Customers By Leveraging Machine Learning?

Machine Learning Can Help Businesses Better Target Customers! Really? Yes, Really.


Machine learning is today news of much buzz. Recently Google collaborated with VCs to host its own machine learning startup competition. Tech giants, including Facebook and Google are much more enthusiastic to build products based on machine learning to achieve better customer engagement and improved productivity. Meanwhile, machine learning unlocked a result-driven platform for marketing departments to discover newer ways to better build their advertising and branding campaigns. So not just Google and Facebook, all sorts of tech companies, including newly born mobile app development companies are much more focused on building machine-learning-powered app solutions.

If you’re looking the same, I hope this article will help you well. The article will give you an insight into how machine learning can improve digital ad campaigns you run and will give you a better idea on targeting audiences without putting a rock-breaking effort.

First let’s know what is machine learning in short:

What is Machine Learning

According to Wikipedia definition, machine learning is the subfield of computer science that gives computers the ability to learn a task without it being explicitly programmed. Being improved from the study of pattern recognition and computational learning theory in artificial intelligence, machine learning explores the study and construction of algorithms that can learn from and make predictions on data. In simple words, machine learning is a way to improve the quality of solutions by finding and studying recent patterns.

It helps to understand the loopholes in the current process, understand the competency of a module and create new rules to make it better.

In online marketing, finalizing target customers and understanding their actual needs and requirements is key to achieve a competitive advantage and increase revenue. In fact, machine learning experts help to identify buying habits of customers, eventually which helps marketers push personalized offers to their potential customers based on their buying habits.

Machine learning helps to well understand customers buying behaviour, whether it is on web or on app. The learning capability the program holds evolves with the experiences it goes over. It can help marketers study searchers’ intent. And with the data it provided, marketers can better understand customers’ personalized needs and their can link it to their offerings.

Machine-learning-backed artificial intelligence technology helps users get specific product/service by just making predictions or linking recent patterns they have come through.

Today the benefits of machine learning are spreading in a wider angle, beyond helping businesses establish a close relation with customers and increase the sales volume by recommending products/services based on previous purchases or buying history. Thus, the task of delivering streamlined and hassle-free online shopping experience will become easier for them.


If you’re in the deed of improving sales and customer experience, you can check into machine-learning-powered technologies like artificial intelligence. AI is still in nurturing stage, so if you now start to build it, soon you will be able to achieve a first-mover advantage.

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