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Which to Choose: Native App or Cross-platform App?

Native and Cross-platform App: Which is Better? Things obviously go in dilemma when you need to choose between native and cross-platform. You’ll think about cost, sometime your head digs deep into user experience the app will deliver. So it is always a need of guide for choosing the right mobile platform when you need to […]

How Businesses Can Better Target Customers By Leveraging Machine Learning?

Machine Learning Can Help Businesses Better Target Customers! Really? Yes, Really. Machine learning is today news of much buzz. Recently Google collaborated with VCs to host its own machine learning startup competition. Tech giants, including Facebook and Google are much more enthusiastic to build products based on machine learning to achieve better customer engagement and […]

Terrific Security Testing Must for Your App, Why?

Security Testing: Your Application Needs it Terrifically, Why?   We feel the recent announcement of Yahoo about security breach of its users accounts in August 2013 is the most terrible security breach the internet world has ever seen. Around 1 billion accounts were affected, which was 100% increase from the security breach that Yahoo itself […]