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Wearable Technology: To lead Healthcare Industry

The impact of Wearable Technology is already being experienced in the field of education, communication, navigation and entertainment. However the greatest potential lies in healthcare. Wearable devices has started to revolutionize the healthcare via advanced technology. Today, wearable health technology is being used in the form of smart clothes, sneakers, watches, rings, glasses, and are […]

7 Trends to Rule Mobile Technology in 2015

Technology has been making remarkable improvements in this ever growing market requirements and internet allies hand on hand with it, as it’s also been invaded into smaller handheld devices like mobile phone and different tablets leaving behind heavy devices such as PCS and laptops. Smartphones and tablets have made life so much easier by enabling […]

Emerging mCommerce to surpass eCommerce

It’s a well-known fact that Desktop and laptop computers were influencing eCommerce, as it was a primary mode of business for many organizations. However the emerging smart phones have started to influence the eCommerce transactions through fingertips. Goodbye to high-bandwidth usage for the eCommerce transactions that were through desktop and laptops. It’s time to step […]

Top cross platform mobile application development platforms

Ever growing needs of customers in the global market has introduced a new era in the application development world and that’s cross platform mobile application. Cross platform applications are apps with single codebase which can run on different operating systems, making it versatile, less time consuming with cost cut off on developing different codes for […]