This New Software Uses Artificial Intelligence to Build a Virtual 3D Heart to Predict Illness’s Outcomes


Inaccurate measuring of heart function or imprecise results can be a matter of life or death. It is even worse when you’re dealing with an illness such as pulmonary hypertension – a condition that causes heart failure if the treatment is not proper. Manual measuring of heart function can be time consuming and improper in result.

But scientists are always in smart works to work around these issues. A latest technology that leverages artificial intelligence to predict the aftermaths of heart conditions like pulmonary hypertension. Designed by scientists at Imperial College London, the software builds 3D versions of patients’ hearts. These 3D versions can reduplicate how they contract with each beat. This information helps doctors predict how a long a patient can survive with his current condition, which is promising as a far better technology than currently available systems.

According to a study published in the journal Radiology, a computer programme was more accurate and quicker at predicting the possible health condition of patients with pulmonary hypertension, reaching 80% accuracy rate. The test was based on the analysis of MRI imaging and information from blood tests and other medical data.

There are around 7,000 people getting affected by pulmonary hypertension in UK, while this number reaches 200,000 in the US. It occurs due to high pressure in the blood vessels connected to the lungs and consequently it causes immense strain on the right side of the heart and more and more damage to the heart.

Video courtesy: MRC London Institute of Medical Sciences LMS

The software works on the analysis of MRI images of moving hearts. The study brought-in medical data of 250 patients and the software made the way 30,000+ points in their hearts contracted with each beat. This was able to build a virtual 3D heart for each patient, so it came to know that which results were associated with heart failure.

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In a statement, Dr Declan O’Regan, the lead author from the MRC London Institute of Medical Sciences at Imperial College London said “this is the first time computers have interpreted heart scans to accurately predict how long patients will live and it could transform the way doctors treat heart patients.”

This is the first time in the history AI is used to predict results of heart disease. And the researchers felt this could play a major role in the treatment of heart disease of all kinds in the future.

Meanwhile, there are many technology companies, especially mobile application development companies in USA and UK are building futuristic mobility solutions that can effectively deal with multiple heart diseases.

Co-author Dr. Tim Dawes from LMS, the key person behind the creation of algorithms for the software, says there is no human error. The computer performs the analysis in seconds and simultaneously interprets data from imaging, blood tests and other investigations without any human intervention and it could help doctors to give the right treatments to the right patients, at the right time. He intended to continue their contribution for predicting the result of many other heart conditions and medical tests.

Artificial Intelligence is not very new to predicting the outcomes. Before it was used to predict the outcomes of cancer. IBM Watson is working on the same motto. Watson can gather patient data, get facts appropriate to the patient’s medical and family history and provide a diagnosis suggestion. Watson was first tested by Maine Center for Cancer Medicine and Westmed Medical Group in New York in 2013 for lung cancer patients. And it has been already trained to help doctors spot uncommon illnesses and the training was based on peer-reviewed rare disease literature.


With AI getting more sophisticated, and widened its arms in healthcare, we can watch it as an exciting field. Let’s see how it will transform the healthcare industry and simplify the lives.

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