Today the manufacturing process of all verticals is turning digitized by bringing digital equipment and solutions in place for daily operations, pushing the manual processes away. From the production floor to the customer interaction site, manufacturers are leveraging cutting edge technological advancements. Not only in labour demanding area where automation already made the things easier, but also in communications and data transfer, digital technologies enabled manufactures to maintain the data transparency while quickening the processes. When it comes to automotive OEMs, mobility largely helped them move abstruse parts catalogues from thousand-page books onto the screens of mobile phones.

Though there are tangible opportunities that OEMs can leverage, some automotive OEMs are still lagging behind harnessing the full potential of mobility. According to a report by Pew Research, around 90% Americans have cell phones and more than 60 percent of them are smartphone owners, which paved a path for OEMs to provide their customers a ubiquitous access to their product offerings, and achieve streamlined workflows. But simply having a mobile website doesn’t mean the company is capable enough to engage potential and existing customers, and achieve streamlined workflows. Mobility offers beyond it. Let’s see how automotive OEMs can leverage mobility for a full potential:

Turn Complex Manufacturing Processes into Simpler Workflows

Automotive OEMs can use mobility to manage the composite logistics and manufacturing processes that upkeep innovation and deliver a superior customer experience.

Achieve Brand Loyalty

Automotive OEMs can use mobility to deliver supreme cross-channel customer experiences to achieve brand loyalty.

Quicken Time to Market

Mobility helps Automotive OEMs quicken time-to-market, boost up demand-to-delivery processes, and bring marketing, sales, and service operations together.

Accelerate Product Innovation

Automotive OEMs can leverage mobility solutions to accelerate product innovation and introduce cutting-edge products to the market.

Line Up Operational Plans

Comprehensive, unified business planning solutions achieved through mobility enable automotive OEMs to line up operational plans with budgetary and financial targets.

Achieve Interactive User Interfaces

Mobility allows automotive OEMs to get rich user interfaces, and dynamic in-car controls.

Integrated Suite of Business Applications

Through mobility, automotive OEMs can have the most complete, open, and integrated suite of business applications

Streamline sales forecasts

Streamline sales forecasts

Automotive OEMs can leverage mobility to streamline sales forecasts and manufacturing plans across the enterprise


With the mobility, OEMs can have an entire new world of opportunity at their fingertips, from optimized customer relationship to streamlined business operations. The most important is solid collaboration with the right technology partner or having technology experts in place.

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