How Oil and Gas Companies Can Leverage Mobile Apps to Improve Workflows?


Streamlined workflow is crucial for any efficient work process. It has been easier with the adoption of technology, particularly mobile technology, for most of the previous and present generation businesses. Oil and gas companies are not exception of this. According to a global analytics firm, a large number of oil and gas companies in Middle East and other oil resource-rich regions have gained transformational benefits by implementing mobile solutions into their work process. Let’s see what are those transformational benefits and how oil and gas companies can harness it to improve workflows.

Predictive Analysis and Preventive Maintenance:


Oil and gas companies have made considerable investments in predictive analytics tools to avoid possible failures of machineries and schedule preventative maintenance before a failure occurs. However, these systems still need the human support to perform the action. Implementing mobile application into the system can allow decision makers, such as petroleum and facilities engineers, to analyse preventative analytics data and authorize repairs. Mobile app also provides the facility to assign maintenance personnel to repair other machineries which require repair and are nearby to him. This way, the maintenance person can make repairs in the entire area instead of assigning someone else to the area.

SCADA Alarm Monitoring and Response:

Allowing production engineers and other key persons who spend considerable time in the field to quickly review, triage, and respond to SCADA system alerts helps make sure that the most important alerts are responded quickly. By leveraging location data, mobile app can direct the issues to the closest personnel to reduce response time.

Routine Review of SCADA and Historian data:

Working away from the desk applies for almost all personnel in oil and gas industry. It is even not exception for office personnel. Field visits, training and other travels are common in this 24/7 industry, which makes sometime the needed person not to be seen in his desk when a decision needs to be made. Putting data in the palm of production engineers, process engineers and facilities engineers allows the same personnel to view, analyze, communicate and make decisions about operations regardless of time and location they are without the need of logging into desktop systems.

Executive review of production accounting dashboards:

How the important the internal communication between employees, the facility to monitor workflows for senior management is also equally important in oil and gas organization. Putting up to date production data on senior management phones and tablets allows them to check status between meetings and provides an opportunity to recognize issues quickly and interfere appropriately. With the real-time production data, executives can provide quick feedback to improve processes.

Automating the health and safety precautions:

Oil and gas is one of the most critical industries which needs to take utmost precautions in workflows. The lack of preventive measures in the operations directly reflects on productivity. Automating the health, safety, and environment workflows using mobile applications can reduce tedious manual re-typing efforts which takes more time to reach the employees dispersed in different locations. Automating permitting workflows using a contextually aware mobile app can provide a facility to warn users when they are entering a hot-work zone. By actively tracking staffs in hot work zones and their permit status, infringements and possible accidents can be avoided.


Mobile app is no longer just a device for communication between the employees in the enterprise. Its benefits have gone beyond the painted walls and transparent glasses. Today mobile app has become one of the most needed tools in streamlining the workflows, improving the employee productivity and enhancing the brand value for most of the oil and gas organizations globally.

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